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You might want to research our history prior to joining. Click Wiki tab above and click News Recap.

Where you come in: You are one of the very few thousand or so people to make their way through the other side of what is an Iconaian gateway. You were brought to Dava on the transport GAV Endeavor and have been in the colony since. With as many people that have arrived, your processing has taken a while to go through but today is your day!

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What does this mean?
Well, it means swearing and mature language is permitted. Sexual content is permitted, with some limitations. Explicit violence is permitted.

Latest News Items

» 241401.20

Posted on Fri Jun 3rd, 2022 @ 1:10pm by Governor Cael Maz in IC Weather On Dava

Description: Thunderstorm
Temperature: Moderate
High: 43°F (6°C)
Low: 26°F (-4°C)
Relative: Colder than normal
Wind Force: Severe
Wind Speed: 42 mph (67 kph)

» 241401.19

Posted on Fri Jun 3rd, 2022 @ 1:09pm by Governor Cael Maz in IC Weather On Dava

Description: Snow
Temperature: Extreme Cold
High: -29°F (-34°C)
Low: -47°F (-44°C)
Relative: Normal
Wind Force: Moderate
Wind Speed: 19 mph (30 kph)

» Blake

Posted on Wed Jun 1st, 2022 @ 3:23pm by Governor Cael Maz in Important IC Event

On 241401.20 at approximately 13:05 hours, the following has happened in the colony.

For every person: The power in the colony (Lights and equipment) began to pulsate in power at a pace that resembled a human heartbeat.

For every telepathically sensitive race: The word 'Blake' was repeated several times inside your mind over the course of several minutes. Each time, it grew in strength until it became, for a split second, the only thing on your mind.

This is felt planet-wide as demonstrated by the erratic movement of wildlife outside the dome.

» System Wide Jenj Update

Posted on Sun May 29th, 2022 @ 1:50pm by Governor Cael Maz in Important IC Event

On 241401.20 at approximately 13:00 hours, the following has happened in the colony.

Without any notice or warning, the wristbands on all those that had one began to power up and refresh. A loading screen was found on all of them indicating that a system-wide update was commencing. After a few seconds, the new home screen was available to everyone. As one would scroll through the list of features, they would find some new ones as well as a few old ones being removed or restricted based on the new access levels to the colony.

» The GAV Les'Stat

Posted on Sat May 28th, 2022 @ 4:12pm by Governor Cael Maz in Important IC Event


In the wee hours of the night, when most of the colony had turned to bed, the GAV Les'Stat returned under what was a fresh cloak and began to gather the crew that had decided to leave the colony outside the dome doors, taking full advantage of the cover of darkness and the vessels above. It then proceeded, under cloak still, back to the Iconian Gateway where it would activate it and proceed through.

Latest Mission Posts

» Garden Life

Mission: Colony Life
Posted on Sat Jun 25th, 2022 @ 9:31am by Governor Mesu Mehl

Mesu headed out of her apartment and began to slowly head towards the district of the marines. She had a few ideas of a possible garden to set up for the refugees that had taken shelter there and wanted to discuss it with Heia. With all the coms and different…

» The World Collapsed with Emotions

Mission: Colony Life
Posted on Thu Jun 23rd, 2022 @ 2:22pm by Governor Cael Maz & Science Mnheia "Heia" Dorek'a-Tymes

Heia was working hard with the Hydroponics bay. The pain of the break up was starting to get to her. She was throwing herself into her job. Even her night with Cydwenn Sov, hurt her more. She felt so guilty, even though they had broken up, because she still had…

» The Way Forward

Mission: Colony Life
Posted on Sun Jun 19th, 2022 @ 9:02am by Vice Admiral Cael Maz & Governor Kaelyth Solmarr & Civilian Tovil

As a civilian contractor its hard to find work. He was here on Dava accepting a new job. Like when he got first here things seemed to be out of place. Not much happening for this place. To the nearest bar he entered as he was given directions to meet…

» Good ol' Academy Days

Mission: Stolen, Borrowed, Recovered
Posted on Sun Jun 19th, 2022 @ 8:58am by Vice Admiral Cael Maz & Science Laanye Kic & Captain Jack Carson & Governor Kaelyth Solmarr & Science Cydwenn Sov

Cydwenn awoke, dazed and confused.

Seeing as she had fallen asleep at her desk; which hadn't happened since her academy days, a very audible groan could be heard as she slowly sat up, "ugh....wha what, coffee, need coffee," she muttered wobbling a little as she finally stood up and took…

» Artificial Intelligence also have Feelings

Mission: Colony Life
Posted on Sat Jun 11th, 2022 @ 12:56pm by A.I. Jessica A.I. & Medical Patricia Tanis

Technically Tanis was off-duty or should, be but here she was taking inventory. It was simple tasks like these that Tanis found enjoyable, it gave her time to think, and gather themselves.

"...running low on Triptacederine, Bicaridine, and Anesthizine," Tanis muttered as she realized those were not the easiest things…