We are Rated R for all adult content. Readers be advised.

Before playing, please read the following rules:

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Rules & Guide To New Destiny

Underage Characters

There is to be NO underage sexual conduct on any New Destiny Fleet. Ever.

- Under-age requires that the character still be in the adolescent stages of their race. Thus making any sexual gesture towards them statutory rape and thus inappropriate in any form.

- Even if both parties are in agreeance, the situation has been deemed too inappropriate for any Sim and it’s players, thus having a negative effect on the Sim Fleet itself as well as Player Moral.

- If it is part of a backstory, a vague mention may be allowed as it did not occur nor will it occur on the sim website.

-If there is a story arc in which an attempt upon a child might be made. It is to be vague and must be prevented before anything actually happens to any underage victims. That also means limited to no exposure of genitalia to said victim.

If this rule is broken, It will be dealt with henceforth by Cael Maz, the creator and Owner of the New Destiny Fleet. Mod Votes will not be allowed on such subject, and the players involved will all face repercussions in which He will decide.