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Governor Cael Maz

Name Cael Michael Torr Maz

Position New Destiny Diplomatic Leader

Second Position Essential Crew

Rank Governor

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Trill Joined
Age 33
Discord Name Cael
Character Disposition Passionate

Sexual Orientation Straight
Status Passes Level Level 3

Physical Appearance

Height 6 foot 1 inch
Weight 205 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Hazel Green
Physical Description Young and full of spirit, this man dawns an energetic nature about him that just appears to radiate from him. On his body he wears the Starfleet standard uniform with polished boots. His overall appearance is not noteworthy as one could pass him in a crowd and not give a second glance. His Trill spots are the only thing that separates him from normal Humans. See Photo


Spouse/Partner Arlaena Torr
Children Adoptive daughter - Amelia Kuna
Father Cael Michael Kuna Sr
Mother Christia Preis Kuna

Personality & Traits

General Overview Cael is a rather energetic individual having been the second host for the Maz symbiote. Prior to Cael, Maz as in an energetic ship's counselor for many years. The bond that has happened between Cael and Maz has only strengthened this energy.
Strengths & Weaknesses Energetic and eccentric in behavior. Avid listener full of relationship and personal advice. Often overly passionate about things he feels strongly about. Close connection to his family, good listener, strong-willed, deep desire to succeed, holodeck addiction.
Ambitions To succeed in his mission to find hope where none has been found so far. To defeat the Borg at almost any cost.
Hobbies & Interests Avid reader of science fiction, avid gamer (holoprograms), cryptography, old Earth television and movie programs, deep music lover (mainly dubstep/chillstep genre)


Personal History Cael Michael Kuna Jr was born on a freighter about twenty light years out from Trill while his parents were working as scientists aboard the USS Normandy. He was born to Cael Michael Kuna Sr., father at 28 and Christia Preis Kuna, mother at 23. His father's field of study rested in astronavigation and extra stellar phenomenon where he spent most of his time inside the astronavigation cortex of the vessel. His mother worked as a fighter pilot for Starfleet. She served as the Flight Control Commander for the USS Normandy. Having been a science vessel, she often spent time working with Cael's father on recon missions as well as surveys of planetary bodies.

When Cael reached the age of 10, the family left the USS Normandy and worked at the Trill Science Academy teaching the various skills they had acquired. Cael started school at that time and was very interested in the fields his parents studied. He continued his education with honors. On graduation of high school he was offered a position to be host to a symbiont. He accepted and began a 2 year program with the Trill Symbiont Society.

After being the 2 years were finished, Cael was selected to be host to the Maz symbiont. Maz had one host previous to Cael. (see service record) So after the surgery was complete, new developments between the two became apparent. When speaking to others, they never used first-person perspective. They referred to themselves as 'We', 'Cael', Or 'Maz' but never in the singular. This was thought to be odd as no other hosts or symbiont had interacted this way. Studies were done to see if a connection was faulty or there were any adverse chemical or biochemistry flaws. None were detected and Cael Maz was released to the world.

From there he went on to study on Trill at the Starfleet Academy where he also trained with the Trill Science Academy. He spent 4 years training there where he received honors in Advanced tactical training and astrometrics. From there he went on to work on the USS LaFayette as a helm officer. He spent eight years onboard dealing with combat ranging from Orion pirates, to obstinate Ferengi, to the occasional run-in with the Romulans as the ship changed assignments very rapidly as she was on an as-needed basis.

It was in 2405 where he got offered his first command having spent time working his way around the ship in his spare time, learning everything he could about each system on the ship. He was soon promoted to Commander and offered the chance to partake in the exploration of the Dyson Sphere.
As the Borg threat was very real to him, he snagged at the opportunity and began his journey on the Les’Stat.

While in search of the wormhole, Cael and his team came across an Orion vessel. Cael raised shields but did not arm weapons as the vessel did not attack like many Orion vessels had done in the past. This made Cael curious and opened hailing frequencies. Getting no response, Cael assembled an away team. Within a few moments of being aboard the security team was down but not Cael. That is when he met Whistler and his crew. After hearing his story, Cael offered to provide aid to him and his people and to escort them to the nearest Federation outpost where they would get adequate treatment. Starfleet provided aided to the thirty-some people aboard and began to find placement for them as well as long-term treatment for those that were in critical condition.

Many years passed before anything quite as eventful happened as he spent several years rotating out crew all the while mapping the inside of the Dyson sphere that would eventually be called New Eden.

Several years into his service, he took leave to scout a remote planet he had heard about through a rumor mill, deciding to he needed some time off. During the scouting mission, he encountered Amelia who he would later add to his family as his daughter.

Upon receiving the NX New Destiny he was promoted to Captain.
Service Record Cael Service Record:

USS Normandy - Childhood
Trill Science Academy
Starfleet Academy

USS LaFayette - Eight Years - Helm Officer
USS Les’Stat - Seven years - CO - Commander
NX New Destiny - Active CO - Captain

Maz Service Record:

USS Jupiter - Ships Counselor
USS Howitz - Chief Ship's Counselor


Personal Armaments Type 6 phaser pistol
1 Trill blade, nine inches long, sharpened and comprised of durilium.
Footlocker Photos of parents, a collection of music, mobile holodeck visor.


Mental Health Diagnosed Bi-Polar, takes monthly injections to balance out the chemical deficiency.
Physical Health In a coma