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Operations Zakaran Ick'thar

Name Zakaran Ick'thar

Position Chief Strategic Operations Officer

Rank Operations

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Thrunaran
Age 35
Sexual Orientation Homosexual
Status Passes Level Level 1

Physical Appearance

Height 5'9"
Weight 145 lb
Hair Color Light blue/silver
Eye Color Electric blue
Physical Description Zakaran has several scars, including one on his right hand.


Father Yor Ick'thar
Mother Gimora

Personality & Traits

General Overview Zakaran's very dedicated to duty and his image therein. While he can sometimes be hard headed, he's a good listener for his friends
Strengths & Weaknesses +In-depth electrical systems knowledge
+former XO
-hard headed and stubborn


Personal History Born as the oldest child to Yor and Gimora Ick'thar in 2364, Zakaran is the heir apparent to his father's name and legacy. Yor was a miner by day, but by night he was a political adversary, and this lead his family into trouble.

By being able to manipulate the laws, Yor was able to get away with many crimes for several years.

When Zakaran was 10 (and his brothers were 5 and 2 respectively) his father was caught. As per custom, Yor was tried and found guilty. He was exiled and all contact with him lost.

Gimora quickly remarried in the aftermath, putting both of her younger children into the new family.

The Thrunarans are a race of humanoids native to Thrunara IV. Their planet being in an almost constant state of electric storms helped them evolve to their current status.

All Thrunarans have a natural electroconductivity, but the degree tends to vary based on training and environmental factors. With training a Thrunaran can learn to focus their abilities to tap into the electrical impulses within the body of another humanoid and effectively shut them down.

They can also see very minor disruptions in electrical fields. This is quite helpful, as many of them often lend out their services as electrical engineers.
Service Record Zakaran, as a term of his commission in Starfleet, wears what appears to be a 21st century wristwatch. However, when commands are entered into any terminal by either the Commanding Officer or Executive Officer of his assignment, it triggers it to unblock his powers, allowing him access to his abilities.

He's not fond of this, but his race not being members of the Federation means he can't say no or he's out completely, and Starfleet is currently his only chance he has.

In 2382, at the age of 18, Zakaran entered Starfleet Academy, focusing, originally, on engineering. By the end of the year, however, he switched to intelligence. His abilities would give him a natural edge, but because of the limiter he wears, he gets no such advantage, and, as such, graduated somewhere in the middle of his class.

His first assignment was in 2384 to the USS Virginia. This would be both his training cruise to fulfill graduation requirements, as well as his first real assignment in the fleet. He was tasked with disseminating information gained from various sources, and the Commanding Officer authorized his abilities to be used to tap in to an enemy ship during an away mission to stop it self destructing, thus saving the lives of many of the Virginia's crew. This earned him the Medal of Valor in the line of service to Starfleet for saving the lives of the crew and the away team.

From there he moved on to the USS Calvin Coolidge, an antiquated Intrepid class that was tasked with patrolling the Alpha quadrant. When he arrived here, he managed to convince the Commanding Officer to activate his powers and give him access to engineering and for a time he functioned as the ship's electrical engineer. This came to an end when an admiral came aboard and found out that Thrunarans can (with enough focus and training) kill, and demanded that Zakaran be relieved of duty.

Despite this, after the Admiral left, the crew rallied behind him, and Starfleet apologized and, for his actions aboard both the Virginia and the Calvin Coolidge, as well as helping to get the latter back into fighting shape, he was granted a promotion to Lieutenant Junior Grade.

He was transferred to a ship that would go down as a rather worthless one to many, the USS Definite. This Sabre class ship was known to go through command staff like wildfire, and Zakaran was assigned (in secret), to investigate the goings on within the ship and report back. What he found made even him upset.

The senior staff of the Definite were taking and selling classified information to the enemy, and then would make it look like the Command Staff had done it, so that Starfleet would be more likely to keep the ship on relatively safe patrols versus sending them into combat.

After reporting his findings, Zakaran was again granted a promotion and a transfer, this time as a regular assignment to the USS Proxima, the first Sovereign class he's served on.

The Proxima crew was sent to studying a swamp-dwelling race known as the Brog, who, at first, didn’t seem to have any technological advancement that was overly special, until it was revealed that they were developing a transwarp drive that could possibly help the Federation. As the Proxima was doing their studying, a Borg sphere showed up. The Proxima’s crew scrambled in anticipation of the coming fight, when sensors picked up something that made everyone worried: the Romulans were coming too. Brog was located close to RSE space, and everyone on the Proxima was fearful. When the Warbird arrived, however, they revealed that the Borg assimilating the Brog would be beneficial to nobody, and the Brog have been peaceful for decades, so the Romulan ship would help the Proxima fight the Borg.

For his actions during what would come to be known as the Battle of Brog, Zakaran was promoted to Lieutenant Commander. He had been a junior intelligence officer, but his unique abilities were unlocked by the XO when the weapons controls went down and Zakaran stepped up to tap in and work the weapons system--with no prior tactical training.

After the promotion, Zakaran was recalled to Earth for Command training, as several admirals saw potential in him. While there, he was introduced, as a Command-track cadet, to Cael Maz, a joined Trill he’d soon become fast friends with. After the command training and another promotion--alongside his best friend--he was assigned as Cael’s XO aboard the Les’Stat. When the opportunity came up to sign up to volunteer for New Destiny, Zakaran signed up as well when he heard Cael chose to.



Mental Health Heavy drinker at times, cause currently unknown
Physical Health No major problems of note.