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Defense Force Officer Jaime Mallory

Name Jaime Jessica Mallory

Position Fighter Pilot

Second Position Fighter Technician

Rank Defense Force Officer

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Betazoid/Trill/Human Hybrid
Age 30
Discord Name Dominie#5723
Character Disposition Witty
Sexual Orientation Heterosexual
Status Passes Level Level 3

Physical Appearance

Height 5'1
Weight 107 lbs
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Lavender
Physical Description Petite and shapely, with a few scattered light brown Trill spots along her temple and neck; Her eyes are an unusual color for a Betazoid hybrid.


Father Doctor Quentin Mallory (adopted by)
Mother Professor Katerina Mallory (Former Captain, retired from Starfleet)
Brother(s) Griffin, Age 21

Personality & Traits

General Overview Raised in Starfleet, Jaime is tough and bold, often recklessly or presumptuously so, having experienced the rougher side of it throughout her childhood. She may be sassy and witty, and sometimes with a snarky sense of humor, but Jaime is a sweetheart as well, very loyal to her friends and to her responsibilities as a Starfleet Officer.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: A second generational hybrid, Jaime has shown some unique strengths in her empathic and telekinetic abilties. She is smart, observant, and a talented pilot and engineer.

Weaknesses: Sometimes reckless/impulsive, too stubborn, and her mouth has gotten her into plenty of trouble.

Languages learned are Federation Standard, Trill, Betazoid, Andori
Ambitions Has none at this time, just living life.
Hobbies & Interests

Loves to party, though she does so responsibly (for the most part). Reading, creative writing, painting, hiking, horseback riding, and target shooting.


Personal History *Jaime was born on a deck at Starbase 185, in the Iota Leonis star system, when her mother was a hostage among many when terrorists took over an area of the station's promenade.

*Her mother is retired Captain, Katerina Dominie. Her biological father was William Styles. She was very young when her parents divorced. Her father who showed very little interest in her died soon after.

*She was named Jaime Jessica after her godfather, James D. Hunter, and her godmother, Jessica Knight.

*When she was three years old, her godfather, James Hunter, now the Captain of the USS Challenger, was approached by Admiral Quentin Mallory of Starfleet Research. Admiral Mallory was interested in using Jim's ship as the test vehicle for his controversial "Sliding Technology". After much study and thought, Jim accepted the assignment. Jaime's mom was promoted and assigned to be his First Officer, taking Jaime with her. Early in the testing, the ship ended up lost, sliding from the universe to an alternate one. This continued for a couple of years until the crew made it home, yet unfortunately without Jim or Admiral Mallory. Another Quentin Mallory returned with them (long story). More to come.

(OOC: I plan on writing more on this time of Jaime's life, on scenarios personal for her, as the memories come back to me. Unfortunately, most of the posts for the sim, St: Sliders, that were roleplayed in the late 1990s into the early 2000s, are gone.)

*Jaime's mother married Quentin Mallory, who adopted Jaime. And when she was nine, her brother Griffin was born.

More is coming
Service Record (redoing some of this)
* Entered StarFleet Academy at the age of 17.

* Graduated from Starfleet Academy; Flight Control

* Continued education, gaining an engineering/small vehicle mechanic degree; Promoted to Lieutenant (jg)

* (SAR Pipeline info here)

* Served on the USS Saratoga; Promoted to Lieutenant

* Assigned to Magellan Campus, Serene Colony, Sapientia