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Medical Patricia Tanis

Name Patricia Tanis

Position Essential Crew

Rank Medical

Character Information

Gender Agendered/Non-Binary
Species Human x Illyrian hybrid
Age 26
Discord Name Taste the Rainbow
Character Disposition Snarky, blunt, but always kind and bubbly/upbeat
Sexual Orientation Bisexual
Status Passes Level Level 1

Physical Appearance

Height 5'5"
Weight 60 kg (134 lbs)
Hair Color Blond
Eye Color Dull Green
Physical Description Tanis has soft, androgynous features which fit them well along with their personality. Their eyes spoke volumes, always bright and alive, whether they felt the same or not.


Father Frank Tanis
Mother Heather Tanis

Personality & Traits

General Overview Bubbly, and kind something that never disappeared even if things got tough. But, they were also blunt, finding that being blunt was a necessity, also knowing that snarkiness can lighten the mood just enough to break the tension.
Strengths & Weaknesses Tanis has natural bedside manner, along with strong knowledge of medicine, and knows when to be brutally blunt, along with the ability to make quick life-saving decisions,

But, she does struggle with interpersonal decisions, mostly struggling with maintaining a long-term romantic relationship(s). This hasn't yet affected her work, but there have been times that it has as they have made poor choices because of said relationship(s).


Personal History Tanis grew up in the Lunar colony with a teacher and a botanical genius; her mother, they were a civilian contractor working with Starfleet Science working on coming up with ways of mass-producing food, especially with how fast the Federation was expanding with colonization.

As for her father, he taught mathematics within the realm of theology and how the two intertwined. It was a civilian course, that many many Starfleet cadets fought to take, but it was very thoughtful to get into.

So, discussions around the dinner table were always lively, and always interesting. Some of the conversations were, well honestly, the majority of the conversations were way too adult for the young Patricia Tanis, but for them they loved it, and it also helped them realize that they were not a normal child, in that they did not feel a strong attachment to either gender.

No matter how advanced the civilization or leaps of culture, this was still a tough thing to fully comprehend and digest. Only the person who is dealing with it fully understands what it means to feel that unattachment, but either way their parents did everything they could to understand what their daughter or child was going through.

Their early school years went by, not without incidents but luckily Tanis's bubbly nature helped them make a strong group of friends; a group that all gained entrance and graduated from the academy at the same time, which helped a lot.

While in the academy they pursued medicine, along with sciences mostly pharmacology, along with pursuing some counseling courses, as she did want to take her father's course.
Service Record Starfleet Academy pursuing medicine with specialties in botany/pharmacology, as well as counseling
While at the academy worked as a nursing aide
Upon graduation was assigned to the Lunar colony as a nurse, which allowed her to continue to take advance d courses like that of her fathers


Personal Armaments If need be a laser scalpel (very deadly in her hands, again if necessary), and also trained in small arms (handheld phasers)


Mental Health Tanis is mentally stable, or as stable as one can be. They are still struggling with being non-binary and finding simple ways of explaining it, along with accepting their body as their body.
Physical Health Tanis has three nasty gashes on their right side from an encounter with a Nasuciaan blade and a replicated right kidney as the blade did damage to her original kidney

And with her being part Illyrian, her immune system has been genetically modified, which slows down almost all infections, bacteria, diseases, and even some poisons mostly by slowing its metabolism