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Defense Force Officer Arlaena Torr

Name Arlaena Sherrean Torr

Position Squadron Leader

Rank Defense Force Officer

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Filra
Age 46
Discord Name Syber Kat#3520
Character Disposition Passionate
Sexual Orientation Bisexual
Status Passes Level Level 3

Physical Appearance

Height 5 ft. 6 in.
Weight 127 lbs.
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Bright Azure
Physical Description Arlaena is not overly tall, but is lean and well-toned. Her movements are graceful, and she keeps her medium-length fur and long mane of hair clean and shiny. Her bright azure eyes speak of intelligence and warm kindness. Generally, she keeps her three-foot-long prehensile tail wrapped around her waist to prevent it getting accidentally fouled. When not forced to wear Starfleet uniform, she prefers less covering. That consists of leather coverings that cover her private areas and breasts, held in place by black leather straps that clasp together with silver clasps. Sometimes she holds her mane behind her with three ornately-engraved silver hair rings. A second set of these is worn at intervals along her tail (the six are a set).


Spouse/Partner Cael Maz
Children None
Father Delvaen Torr (68)
Mother Alairra Sherrean (70)
Brother(s) Kelaen (41), Emyrrin (43), Devaen (46)
Sister(s) Analyrra (33), Maearra (36)
Other Family None (see Personal History)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Arlaena tends toward a laid-back behavior when off duty. Her manner indicates that she is easily approached. But, like the cat that she is, it would not be wise to anger her. She is extremely protective of those she considers to be family.

On duty, she is all business. She carries herself with nobility and a sense of personal power. She knows exactly who she is and what she can and cannot do. Limitations and strengths are both known to her.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:
+ Top-notch pilot
+ Adaptable
+ Eager to try new things
+ Friendly
+ Loyal

- Sometimes too curious
- Stubborn when she believe she is right
- Resists anything she sees as sublimating her or subverting her will
Ambitions To fly the newest and best the Fleet can build.
Hobbies & Interests Hobbies: Flying anything she can get her hands on! Gymnastics, Playing Synthesizer and guitar (accoustic), Hand-to-Hand Combat
Likes: Good conversation, a well-played joke, people of sharp wit and high honor
Dislikes: People of no honor, prejudice of any kind


Training: Astrophysics, Astronavigation, Command, Temporal Physics
Degrees: Astrophysics, Temporal Physics
Languages: Filra, Federation Standard, Klingon
Special Abilities: Mid-range Telepathy; above average agility, eyesight, dexterity, hearing, and smell
Talents: Ambidextrous

Arlaena was born on Filra to one of the Noble Houses. And though they were only Minor Nobles, this entitled her to the best of schooling available on Filra. At ten, she was sent to the Testing Center nearest her home, and it was determined that her strongest skills lay in the fields of Physical Sciences, Astronavigation, and Diplomacy.

Like all Filra of noble birth, she was given a choice as to which of these three top skills she wanted to pursue. She chose Astronavigation and was put into the Training Complex for that field. This schooling lasted until she was approximately fifteen, at which time, she was allowed to serve on her father's ship for two years.

At the end of that time, upon their return to Filra from one of his Missions, they found their House had been sundered and the remnants who survived rendered to Servant Class. Arlaena was made to serve one of the higher Nobles named Treviul Arrkhada who was known, among the High Nobles to be a cruel and unjust Master. She served him, in any way he demanded but not without her small rebellions, for a year... until she stole his personal yacht and ran the border.

Once outside, she made her way to the Federation where, it was rumored, good pilots were in high demand. She applied to their Starfleet and was granted entrance into their Applicant Program for the Academy. Succeeding this, she moved on to the Academy. Here, she pursued her major of Astronavigation as well as a minor in Astrophysics. She graduated the Academy with high honors and was assigned to serve aboard the USS RavenFlight.

Here she served for four years and was promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade. She was then sent to serve aboard the USS Icarus for the next ten years... the duration of her stay in the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade. At the end of that time, she was promoted to Lieutenant and transferred once more.

That assignment was classified by StarFleet Command. But by the end of that six years, she had found a growing interest in Temporal Physics. She requested. at that time, and was granted a Leave Of Absence for four years during which time she studied for and acquired a degree in Temporal Physics.

At the end of that time, she was sent where the Federation needed her most, to the New Destiny.
Service Record Filra Diplomatic Courier Fynestrra
USS RavenFlight
USS Icarus
Leave Of Absence
New Destiny


Personal Armaments 1 set of bracers with hidden stun spikes + 1 charging unit for them
Footlocker 1 PADD containing pictures of family
1 Dress Uniform
1 Duty uniform
2 sets of six hair and tail rings (1 dress set and one daily wear set)
3 sets of leather coverings/straps (coverings in red, blue, and black)
1 Isolinear chip containing personal repicator recipes (both food and item)
1 small box of holodeck programs
1 compact, roll-up synthesizer


Mental Health Family was sundered while she was gone.
Served the worst noble on Filra for a year, and underwent many abuses
Physical Health Arlaena is extremely healthy and shows remarkable resilience. There are vague signs of former physical abuse, but she seems to have recovered that nicely. These are also, it should be noted, older than her time in the Federation.

She has the enhanced physical senses of the feline as well as greater agility. She also seems to possess a greater strength, though that is accounted for by her statement that Filra has a higher than Earth-normal gravity.