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A.I. Jessica A.I.

Name Jessica A.I.

Position Ships A.I.

Second Position Ships A.I.

Rank A.I.

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Artificial Intelligence
Age 1
Discord Name Kuna
Character Disposition Neutral

Sexual Orientation None
Status Passes Level Level 1

Physical Appearance

Height 5 foot 9 inches
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Hazel Green
Physical Description See Photo


Personality & Traits


Personal History This AI construct is the first self-aware AI that Starfleet has put together outside of the standard EMH. Designed for full interaction with the crew, she takes over as the standard computer on board the NX New Destiny. She can take on any desired form that the Captain so wishes and takes on many alien forms to make the crew look as diverse as possible. She can operate up to 51 different versions of herself to make up the remaining needed crew onboard the vessel. In times of crisis, she can take over as ships Captain if the need arises.
Service Record Built Into NX New Destiny NX-307


Personal Armaments See Spec Sheet