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A.I. Jenj AI

Name Jenj AI

Position Colony A.I.

Second Position Colony A.I.

Rank A.I.

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Unknown AI
Age 5k Years old
Discord Name Kuna
Character Disposition Elusive
Sexual Orientation None
Status Passes Level Level 5

Physical Appearance

Height 5 Foot 5 Inches
Weight 200 LBS In Robot Body
Hair Color White/Grey
Eye Color White/Grey
Physical Description Jenj’s primary avatar is tall and lean. Her form appears to be constructed of a silver metal that is more matte silver than shiny silver. Her hair is short and worn in a style that is meant to appear wind-blown. Its color is a silvery white. Across her shoulders rests a shimmering vest of black that resembles sequins. It is open at the front and has no sleeves. Between her breasts, hidden beneath the front sides of the vest, rests a glowing oval that appears to be mounted onto her frame. Above that, curving away toward both shoulders is what looks like a surface-mounted cord of silver metal, slightly lighter in color than the rest of her form. As it extends beneath the front of her vest, however, it disappears. Small “channels” appear from beneath the vest, reaching around her upper arms, one just around the ball of her shoulder and the other curving down to approximately the middle of her upper arm then back up as it curls around behind her. Her pants appear to be cloth, though what kind is not immediately determinable. It is overlaid in the front, at about her hips, with metallic cords of differing shades from silvered to black. The ensemble is finished off with a black cord worn about her neck, and extending to her navel, of semi-shiny, black material and a pair of holographic “glasses” that are most likely a heads-up display. Her stance is observant and just a tiny bit seductive, though it is clear that the latter is unintentional.


Personality & Traits