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Defense Force Officer Cormac MacArthur

Name Cormac Taln MacArthur

Position Being Treated

Rank Defense Force Officer

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 26
Discord Name Kuna
Character Disposition Passionate
Sexual Orientation Straight
Status Passes Level Level 3

Physical Appearance

Height 5 foot 9 inches
Weight 205 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Gold
Physical Description Be imaginative. Find a photo that fits. :) Known for his 'horse' sized cock.


Spouse/Partner None
Children None

Personality & Traits

General Overview To be filled in
Strengths & Weaknesses + Reflexes
+ Eyesight/Coordination
+/- Passionate
- Adrenaline Junkie
- Stoner
Ambitions Continue to fly and serve his calling with Starfleet.
Hobbies & Interests To be filled in


Personal History Son of a farmer, Cormac (Change name later) was always a dreamer, wanting to do something more. His family, however, were always very strict and didn't want him to be in danger or leave the community in which they lived. But one day, when he was ten, he was on his own in the fields, whilst his parents were busy in town (Another farmer was nearby watching him if needed) when a fighter landed nearby, with engine problems. He was waiting for pickup when Cormac saw him. He was impressed, and the pilot let him sit in the cockpit, showing him the fighter. He was on his way to a show when there was a minor engine malfunction, but he didn't have the part needed. Cormac recognized a similar issue with equipment his family used and pointed out the fault. The pilot told him that there was a show next week, and gave him tickets. He snuck away as he knew his parents wouldn't let him go, and he saw the pilot again.

The pilot showed his fellow pilots the farm boy who had seen what engineers hadn't, and even took him up in the air. His mind made up, Cormac knew he was going to be a fighter. He studied every aerial battle in the history of mankind, and when he was 18, he applied to join the flight school through Starfleet. The head of the school was, at that time, the same pilot Cormac had helped before, so accepted him in and kept an eye on his progress, even tutoring him, seeing a spark of brilliance in him, the same spark he himself had found in himself.

After many years of training in various mock battles, Cormacs test came when he and a squadron of twenty five various shuttles took on a Borg Diamond. After several hours of battling and taking heavy losses, they won the battle. Limping back to the outpost, Cormac decided he enjoyed the thrill of the hunt. Fortunately for him, he got notice that there was a need for a security detail for a mission with a potential for no return. With the help of his old friend, he was able to get assigned to protect the ship called SS Titan on escort duty.
Service Record Starfleet Academy Fighter Training - 4 years
USS Norway - 2 years - Fighter pilot
SB 121 'Mercy' - 2 years - Fighter pilot
SS Titan - Escort Fighter Pilot


Personal Armaments Class III phaser pistol
Footlocker Nothing but the shirt off his back.


Mental Health Obsessive over flying. Hates long-term grounding. Undiagnosed Bipolar Disorder.
Physical Health Healthy as can be. No STD's. Year long birth control 6/6/2413.