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Governor Kaelyth Solmarr

Name Kaelyth Solmarr

Position Chief Diplomatic Officer

Rank Governor

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Artificial (Lessanthi) / Cormerran
Age 44 (61.6 Terran Standard)
Discord Name Syber Kat#3520
Character Disposition Eccentric
Sexual Orientation Heterosexual
Status Passes Level Level 3

Physical Appearance

Height 6 ft. 5 in.
Weight 250 lbs.
Hair Color Red-Black
Eye Color Gold and Siilver Marbleized Together
Physical Description Powerfully built and well-honed. He carries himself with an air of confidence and approachability.


Spouse/Partner Enyrra (Deceased)
Children Siyarra (Deceased)
Father Zedaen Solmarr 71 (213 Terran Standard)
Mother Nyrra Solmarr 68 (204 Terran Standard)
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family Unknown to him

Personality & Traits

General Overview Kaelyth has a well-defined sense of self, but not overdone. He knows exactly who he is and what he is capable of as well as knowing his limitations.
He is a determined, strong-minded individual who knows exactly what he wants from life. This is offset by a well-grounded sense of reality.

Kaelyth tends to be calm and collected, not going off half-cocked... ever. His uncanny ability to quickly assess his situation and surroundings gives him a serenity in most situations equaled only by most Vulcans.

He is very social, displaying highly-developed social skills. His demeanor is kind and gentle, offering those he speaks with a compassionate and understanding refuge for self-expression.

The loss of his wife seems to have been dealt with in a very healthy manner, though he still sometimes speaks of her. She held a very deep place in his heart, yet he does not allow his personal life to affect his work detrimentally.

Kethra Nellar, Resident Psychologist
Starfleet Headquarters
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: High tolerance for energy discharges, Compassionate and caring
Weaknesses: Dependence on the Shaelyth (the crystalline-metallic) to maintain DNA stability, Fear of storms (more accurately, fear of hurting someone else in one)
Ambitions One day, he would like to go home and free his people from the Tower Sendell's lies and undo her damage of his people. But in relation to Starfleet, he is not all that ambitious. He is doing what he wishes to do.
Hobbies & Interests Hobbies: Playing harp, writing poetry, and collecting unique blades
Likes: Mint tea, quiet conversation, pretty much anything that engenders peace, tranquility, or at least comfort
Dislikes: coffee, rude people, prejudice of any kind, unnecessary violence


Personal History Miscellaneous Data
Training: Psychology, Medicine (required for psychiatry). The Tower taught him to be Speaker, Technical Training Complex on Vedarr Prime, Starfleet Academy
Degrees: Psychiatry
Special Abilities: Kaelyth possesses a high tolerance for energy charges due to his unique physiology. The substance which allows this is fused with his DNA in order to keep it from unraveling. He "burns it out" by daily activity and must re-infuse himself with it. Taking energy charges "burns it out" faster.
Talents: Telepathy and Empathy equivalent to a Betazoid in strength
Languages: Lessanthi, Vedarran, Cardassian, Romulan, Federation Standard

Personal History & Notes
NOTE 1: 1 Lessanthi year is equivalent to 1.4 Terran years.
NOTE 2: Years in the following are written as Lessanthi/Terran Standard. These are his age, not the actual year.

8/11.2 - Undergoes the first fusing with Sendell. Tells his parents that he has discovered that Sendell has lied and does not need the Speakers to communicate with the people. Zedaen believes him; Nyrra does not.

9/12.6 - Undergoes the second fusing with Sendell. Again tries to tell his parents of more lies he has discovered in Sendell's mind. Again Zedaen believes; Nyrra refuses to.

10/14 - Undergoes the third fusing with Sendell. His father gives him a comm. unit to connect with Iytha Rhaen because he sees the cage his son is being forced into and believes Kaelyth about Sendell's lies. Neither tells Nyrra.

10.5/14.7 - Is assaulted by 4 older boys who think he believes himself better than they are because he is Speaker for Sendell. After taking a certain level of damage, it seems that a switch flips in his head, and he efficiently assesses and disables the boys, continuing on his way home. He does not remember the end of the fight when he comes back to himself in his room.

11/15.4 - Undergoes the fourth fusing with Sendell. Has given up telling his mother anything since she refuses to believe, but continues to inform his father. Also continues his clandestine chats with Kiyanna (the AI of the Iytha Rhaen).

12/16.8 - Undergoes the fifth fusing with Sendell. Father notes a pattern of changes in him and records them.

13/18.2 - Undergoes the sixth fusing with Sendell.

13.5/18.9 - Accosted by 6 older boys determined to "knock him down a few pegs". Ends the same way it did with the 4 boys before. Again, he does not remember the end of the fight.

14/19.6 - Undergoes the seventh fusing with Sendell.
14.5/20.3 Accosted by 8 older boys determined to succeed where their predecessors had failed. Ends the same way it did with the other two sets of boys before. Again, he does not remember the end of the fight.

15/21 - On his way to complete the eighth and final fusing with Sendell, instead runs to Iytha Rhaen, and they leave Lessantha. Sendell tries to force him back to her using the connection she has forged with the seven previous fusings, but he outwits her, and he and Kiyanna escape.

17/23.8 - Reaches Vedarr Prime. Decides to stay for a time.

18/25.2 - Begins attendance at the Technical Training Complex on Vedarr Prime in the field of Medicine.

19.26.6 - Meets, falls in love with, and marries Enyrra.

22/30.8 - Graduates from the Technical Training Complex. Their daughter Siyarra is born.

22-26/30.8-36.4 - They work for Vedarr as an Advance Team (the teams who go before the colonists to begin terraforming a planet).

26/36.4 - Enyrra and Siyarra die on Ellerrann VI, a planet plagued by violent storms. Kaelyth falls into a deep depression, complicated by guilt.

32/44.8 - Iytha Rhaen is attacked by pirates. During the fight, Kaelyth has one of those Switch-Flip moments and defeats the four remaining pirates that boarded Iytha Rhaen. A mysterious ship beams the other four away and drives off the pirate ship. In the aftermath, Kaelyth re-evaluates his life and realizes that he is dishonoring their memory by surrendering to this "madness". He continues on, with a new outlook.

34/47.6 - Meets a lovely felinoid named Ashiyrra. They have an affair which further helps him to move on, but they part ways as each has their own goals and path to follow at that time. Unknown to Kaelyth, this encounter left her pregnant.

35/49 - SIDE NOTE: Vaelenn is born to Ashiyrra. She tries to reach Kaelyth, but is unable to. She teaches Vaelenn about both of his heritages (as much as she knows from Kaelyth about his anyway).

37/51.8 - Enters the Federation and begins observations. Decides to stay eventually.

40/56 - Joins the Starfleet. Begins attendance of Starfleet Academy.

44/61.6 - Graduates Starfleet Academy. Sent to serve on USS ShadowStryker.

48/67.2 - Reassigned to USS Raven. Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade.

55/77 - Promoted to Lieutenant and reassigned to USS Cambridge as its Chief Counselor

61/85.4 - Again promoted, this time to Lieutenant Commander and reassigned to the USS Altair-C as its Chief Counselor

63/88.2 - When the Second Officer is killed on mission, Kaelyth steps in to help. He is given the position temporarily.

64/89.6 - Starfleet makes the appointment official, making Kaelyth Second Officer and Chief Counselor of the Altair-C.

65/91 - Promoted to Commander. Send to the New Destiny as its Second Officer and Chief Counselor. Current assignment
Service Record USS ShadowStryker - Ensign
USS Raven - Lieutenant Junior Grade
USS Cambridge - Lieutenant
USS Altair-C - Lieutenant Commander
New Destiny - Commander (current position)


Personal Armaments Since I assume Security would issue hand phasers if needed, I'm not including that (as they aren't owned personally anyway but by Starfleet)

1 Valtra - a unique blade that has one standard blade, a cross blade that becomes obvious when activated (so the blades form an x if one looked down at the end of the blade), barbs that project from the blades when activated, and a mechanism that causes the whole blade assembly to spin when activated. Each bit can be activated separately from the others.

1 Fighting pike (foot-long cylinder that extends to seven feet in length when activated)
Footlocker 1 Silver metal case the size of a large briefcase that contains 40 injector clips of shaelyth (the clips are the size of a hypospray clip)
1 1-foot-square device for converting raw shaelyth (a crystalline-metallic "sand" found on many worlds in the Quadrant) from its "sand" state to the liquid state he uses it in
1 small box containing holoprogram chips
1 "Earring" that is actually a small translation device and comm device. The comm is directly keyed to the Iytha Rhaen but can be reprogrammed if need be.
1 Pair of bracers, one of which has a mini computer in it. The other is just because one always needs a pair.
1 Duty uniform
1 Dress uniform
1 small holocube that contains pictures of Enyrra, Siyarra, and the three of them as well as pictures of Ashiyrra and him. There are also one or two of his father and one of him and his father.
1 Silver-and-gold bracelet that is sized for a child. It has eight green stones in charms dangling from it.


Mental Health His wife and child died when he was unable to take his hand back quickly enough. The lightning that struck him channeled through him, being focused and enhanced by the shaelyth.

The Switch-Flip thing bothers him because he doesn't understand why he does it.
OOC NOTE: The following note is information unknown to Kaelyth at the beginning of the sim but will come to light through interaction etc.)

Kaelyth's mother Nyrra was not, in fact, a naturally-born Lessanthi, but an Aspecvt of Sendell. The Tower, in her need to create the perfect Speaker, separated a piece of her essence and gave it a form. This Aspect, however, was not to know she was part of the Tower because Sendell wanted the offspring she would have to believe they were Lessanthi and, therefore, serve as her Speaker willingly by right of social duty. Nyrra is, therefore, like the Tower herself, an Artificial, a constructed being. The science is extremely advanced, however, and is nearly indistinguishable from other Lessanhi. This is where he comes by his Artificial nature.

This nature is also what gives him the Switch-Flip. It's a failsafe designed to keep Sendell's Speaker alive until he can become her Speaker. It only activates when he has received enough damage for his system to consider his life at risk. The reason he does not remember these activations is that the failsafe is designed to be hidden within his subconscious and not reveal itself. This is why, even though his father saw him do this from the window, he did not understand it.
Physical Health Born with an incurable malady known as The Unraveling, Kaelyth's DNA is held together by a Crystalline-Metallic substance. This substance does "burn out" with daily activity, but infusions keep him in top form.

Kaelyth’s medical file shows evidence of the past repair of several broken ribs, the repair of some tissue damage, and the replacement of his left arm with a very high-tech cybernetic replacement. Two implanted chips run the appendage. There are biotech interfaces between it and the rest of his body. It does seem to function flawlessly, as if it had always been his. In and of itself, that is unusual, but nothing to worry about.

There are also signs of attempted, but failed, assimilation by the Borg. We are uncertain, at this time, as to the cause of its failure. He possesses no Borg technology... only evidence that assimilation had been attempted. (NOTE TO GM: This is because of the Shaelyth).