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Medical Devaen Torr

Name Devaen Torr

Position Chief Medical Officer

Rank Medical

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Filra
Age 46
Discord Name Syber Kat#3520
Character Disposition Devoted
Sexual Orientation Bisexual
Status Passes Level Level 3

Physical Appearance

Height 6 ft.
Weight 170 lbs.
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Bright Azure
Physical Description Devaen is lean and well-toned. His movements are graceful, and he keeps his medium-length fur and long mane of hair clean and shiny. His bright azure eyes speak of intelligence and warm kindness. Generally, he keeps his three-foot-long prehensile tail wrapped around his waist to prevent it getting accidentally fouled. When not forced to wear Starfleet uniform, he prefers less covering. That consists of leather coverings that cover his private areas, held in place by black leather straps that clasp together with silver clasps. Sometimes he holds his mane behind him with three ornately-engraved silver hair rings. A second set of these is worn at intervals along his tail (the six are a set).


Spouse/Partner None
Children None
Father Delvaen Torr (68)
Mother Alairra Sherrean (70)
Brother(s) Kelaen (41), Emyrrin (43)
Sister(s) Analyrra (33), Maearra (36), Arleina (46)
Other Family None (See Personal History)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Gentle and warm, Devaen approaches everyone with a warm smile and a kind word. The true Healer at his core, he does his best to give everyone under his care the best treatment it is possible for him to give. He has a soft spot for children and will often take extra time with them.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:
+ Top-notch physician/healer
+ Adaptable
+ Eager to try new things
+ Friendly
+ Loyal

- Sometimes too curious
- Can become too attached to his patients
- Resists anything he sees as sublimating his or subverting his will
Ambitions Devaen does what he loves. He had wanted to find his sister, but he has done that. So he is content.
Hobbies & Interests Hobbies: sketching, painting, Filra Ceremonial Dance (from their ancient times), singing
Likes: Rriysshla, good conversation, cozy spaces, soft music
Dislikes: Earth coffee, prejudice, anyone who harms children


Training: Medicine, Filra; Medicine, Multi-Species
Degrees: Medical (2)
Languages: Filra, Federation Standard, Klingon, Romulan, Cardassian
Special Abilities: Mid-range Telepathy; above average agility, eyesight, dexterity, hearing, and smell
Talents: Ambidextrous

Devaen was born on Filra to one of the Noble Houses. And though they were only Minor Nobles, this entitled him to the best of schooling available on Filra. At ten, he was sent to the Testing Center nearest his home, and it was determined that his strongest skills lay in the fields of Strategic Analysis, Infiltration and Medicine.

Like all Filra of noble birth, he was given a choice as to which of these three top skills he wanted to pursue. He chose Medicine and was put into the Training Complex for that field. This schooling lasted until he was approximately fifteen, at which time, he was placed at the city hospital. This only lasted two years, however, as at the end of that time, seven other Noble Houses conspired together and Sundered House Torr, rendering those who remained to Servant Class.

Devaen became the property of Maalarr Verydian, the Chief Diplomat. Maalarr was a decent master, but Devaen was not happy here. After a year, he heard that his sister Arleina had stolen her master's yacht and run the border. He knew she had made it; he felt it in his heart. Also, he heard Maalarr telling his closest Servant, Katarria Malavakhrra, that he was secretly pleased that the girl had gotten away. This was only a few months after she had gone, and Devaen knew he had to find her.

He did not wish to endanger his master as Maalarr had been kind to him, so he plotted in secret, acquiring some 'medication' for a cargo runner in exchange for the man secreting him out in a crate of rrhethorra fruit. The fruit smelled so foul that most Filra border patrols when searching ships hauling them did not look too deeply into the crates. And so, buried under half a crate of these foul;-smelling fruit, Devaen rode out of Filra, disembarking from that ship and working passage on ship after ship in search of his sister for approximately nine years before he got a lead that was trustworthy.

He heard that she was in the United Federation of Planets. So he made his way there and searched, eventually discovering that she had apparently joined their Starfleet. Not knowing how else to reach her, he joined as well, with the help of a Captain Richard Blackstone whose crew Devaen had assisted at one point. He entered the Academy under the specializarion of Multi-Species Medicine and graduated with honors.

At that time, he was requested by Captain Blackstone and went to serve that man on the USS StormHawk. That service lasted for the duration of his time in the ranks of Ensign and Lieutenant Junior Grade, fifteen years total. But then he got a tip that she had been assigned to the New Destiny. He was unable to get that assignment, so he did the next best thing. He got himself assigned to the ship they were escorting, the SS Titan.
Service Record House Verydian (1 year)
Various ships in Search (9 years)
USS StormHawk (15 years)
SS Titan (N/A)
Destiny Outpost (Current)


Personal Armaments 1 set of bracers with hidden stun spikes + 1 charging unit for them
Footlocker 1 PADD containing pictures of family
1 Dress Uniform
1 Duty uniform
2 sets of six hair and tail rings (1 dress set and one daily wear set)
3 sets of leather coverings/straps (coverings in red, blue, and black)
1 Isolinear chip containing personal repicator recipes (both food and item)
1 small box of holodeck programs
2 Sketch Pads
2 Sets of pencils


Mental Health He watched the Sundering of his House but could do nothing to stop it or save some of the family.
Physical Health Devaen is extremely healthy and shows remarkable resilience. He has the enhanced physical senses of the feline as well as greater agility. He also seems to possess a greater strength, though that is accounted for by his statement that Filra has a higher than Earth-normal gravity.