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Civilian Nigi Latar

Name Nigi Latar

Position Skyward Bar and Grill

Rank Civilian

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Orion
Age 34
Discord Name Kuna#6104
Character Disposition Seductive

Sexual Orientation Lesbian
Status Passes Level Level 2

Physical Appearance

Height 5 foot 7 Inches
Weight 93 LBS
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Green skin, shoulder length hair, asymmetrical eyes, 38 C breasts, shaved sex.


Spouse/Partner Lucky Mairo as of 241401.01
Children Laraa Latar (16)
Father Deceased
Mother Sido Latar

Personality & Traits

General Overview A proud person who knows what she is capable of doing with her body and mind. Having signed up with the Titan (via bribe) and been accepted, she pushed to open her own establishment on the planet.
Strengths & Weaknesses +Pheramones
-Unable to read anything but Orion
Ambitions To run a successful business planetside that offers comfort to people if need be as well as food and drink.
Hobbies & Interests Enjoys reading romance novels, exploring, and paintball/laser tag.


Personal History Nigi is a complex woman with a shrouded history. As much of the Orion's vast empire has expanded, so has she. She has been a slave girl once upon a time, had a child that is with her from a story long forgotten, worked her way onto the Titan via bribery as she flees from her past.

Much more to come as her story begins here.

(Orion Space) The events of her life were typical for an Orion girl up until she was 16 where she was tasked to train in the traditional Orion ways of leadership by becoming a slave girl. She spent a year and a half with the first target, a man known as Finieous Ketara. Having taken him for all he was worth, she fleed and began work on a new target. However one month into her next target, she was tracked down by Finieous and raped, beaten, and left for dead after he took her for all that she had on her.

Cast out by her family, she spent her entire pregnancy recovering at a shelter on some distant world. When given the option for abortion, she denied it stating that she deserved this punishment for failing her family/clan. When the child was born, she was named Laraa but given no last name as both she and her mother were clanless.

(Fringe Space) A distant cousin of the family who had given up on the traditional ways of the Orion people and found a new life on a starship took to Nigi and her daughter quickly. Nigi, forever grateful for the assistance, took on the last name of Latar to show respect to her. Sido, as she was called, took to raising Laraa while Nigi took to learning skills behind the bar and grill. Having found a knack for it, she set about making sure to save as much as she could for her and her daughter to have a new life, a better life.

In 2410, the Borg attacked the world they were living on. Sido gave her life to save both Nigi and Laraa but not before giving Nigi a set of daggers with strict instructions to carry them with her at all times. As they fled the planet while battleships took on the Borg in orbit, they found themselves headed for Federation space. With only the funds Nigi had managed to save in an off-world bank account, they pressed on.

(Federation Space) They spent six months in a cabin on a small freighter with no destination in mind. Nigi worked while Laraa pressed on with her education. It wasn't until the Captain decided to seek safe harbor in the Dyson sphere that both Nigi and Laraa departed the vessel. Nigi, knowing only Orion written, relied heavily on her daughter, who had learned Federation Standard, to survive. With no need for currency, the account built itself into a sizeable amount until Nigi heard word that the Titan was setting off into the unknown. She bribed her way using the last of her cash to do two things; get an implant to control her pheromones, something her daughter was born without, and purchase two tickets aboard the Titan.
Service Record None


Personal Armaments set of engraved daggers that she keeps in her boots at all times, the engraving reads "Latarkar"
Footlocker 12 Outfits for herself. 12 Outfits for her daughter.


Mental Health Mentally sound.
Physical Health Peak physical condition for her age. Pheromone control implant, back of the neck.