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Civilian Contractor Akoni Kapulé

Name Akoni Kapulé

Position Civilian Oceanographer/Sr. Researcher.

Rank Civilian Contractor

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Risian
Age 35
Discord Name Dominie #5723
Character Disposition Reflective introvert
Sexual Orientation Heterosexual
Status Passes Level Level 3

Physical Appearance

Height 6 ft or 183 cm
Weight 190 pds or 86 kg
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Green Hazel
Physical Description


Akoni is tall and has a great athletic build (from a strict workout regimen). He usually has a heavy stubble beard. He wears a ja'risia, a small, gold-colored disk traditionally worn by Risians on their foreheads, much like a bindi in some Human cultures. He prefers to wear loose t-shirts over black cotton trousers, with a light leather jacket, weather permitting.


Father Dajol
Mother Nisa
Brother(s) Kalei
Sister(s) Keao

Personality & Traits

General Overview

As some might consider unusual for a Risian, Akoni is somewhat reserved. This isn’t because he doesn’t like to have fun, or that he doesn’t like people, it comes from having a strong and natural inclination of reflection. Because of this, he can sometimes struggle with the balance of 'living in the moment' verses considering the moment. However, when focused he is very much ‘in the moment’. His entire attention, for example, can be on the person he is talking to, and he actually cares, which makes him a great listener, a thoughtful friend.

This also means he tends to be dedicated to whatever he is doing because, when on point, he focuses his whole being on whatever that is. The additional habit of self-reflection aids in his sense of self as well. He tends to keep at least one eye on his inner state of affairs. This may include awareness of his thoughts, moods, feelings, and bodily sensations. In short, he is a practitioner of self-awareness, carefully monitoring and calibrating himself as he feels is needed.

He more than occasionally comes off as brooding, either as he's feeling drained from being around too many people, or when really he is just lost in his own mind. While able to navigate them, he tends to choose social situations carefully because of this. After a social event, or some such, it is not uncommon for him to want to work, sometimes including one or two people, or be alone, to re-obtain his energy through peace and quiet, mostly through meditation.
Strengths & Weaknesses +Watchful - Is observant to his surroundings, and good at noticing small changes.
+A forward-thinker - Good at anticipating problems and accounting for them; strategic. Prefers to research and investigate a problem from all angles.
+Resilient and curious - has strong desire to investigate and learn.
+Knows many languages

-Can get mentally tired or socially over stimulated if around heavily social situations too long
-Can get restless
-Has trouble resisting a puzzle, may have to be pulled away.
-Sometimes too curious, too driven.
Hobbies & Interests AkoniBeach

Akoni meditates and likes to work out regularly in the gym. He loves to swim and is a qualified excellent scuba diver. He also likes sailing, painting on canvas, cooking (especially trying out new recipes), reading books, and jigsaw puzzles.


Personal History Akoni was born in Nuvia, the capital city of the Risa. As a child he got to see the full glory of living and working in such a diverse area. Thousands of visitors flowed through the market district where his parents own a tourist ocean art and souvenir shop. As the oldest, he had his younger brother and sister always on his heels. He complained at times, but never failed to look out for them as they roamed around their parents shop and the marketplace. All the other sellers knew them and, as their parents did for the other sellers, they looked out for the three children like they were their own.

Akoni learned much in these times, and one of his favorite activities was to people watch. He learned a great deal about negotiations and people because of it. Exposed to so many sights, sounds, and smells was a great opportunity to soak up the information.

He always had an interest in the 'why' of things, driving his parents a little crazy with questions, such as “why are there so many stars?” “What are they made of?” and “What are other worlds like?” They were happy as artist and merchants, but wanting to support their children in their own interest as much as they could, they focused Akoni on his schooling so his teachers could help answer the many questions he had. He did well in all subjects, but since his favorite thing, his strength, was understanding the nature of something, science became his best subject. His parents influenced him in their love of the ocean.

As he grew he learned that times weren't always good, that life wasn't always easy. Young and quiet, his presence was sometimes overlooked, and so he would often overhear adult conversations and their concerns when it came to certain off-world visitors. One group of them, in particular, was the Orion Syndicate, and from what Akoni could gather, after many years, the rumors were coming true, that they were beginning to regain their control of Risa's gambling establishments, much more than the current control they had over the workers' unions, and the under-the-table business partnerships they had already going on for years.

One time, when Akoni was a young teen, he was walking home on a strangely empty road from a friend's house when he saw two men trying to hustle another one into a waiting hovercar. The man looked panicked and struggled, but just before they got to the car, two stun beams came out of nowhere and hit the two men. Three individuals in black, followed by two Risian Police in their gear, came out of the shadows. One of the police officers hustled the confused man the other two had been trying to kidnap away, as two of those in black secured the prisoners. Having been hiding in the shadows, Akoni learned from listening to a conversation between the remaining two that the ones in black were Intel from Starfleet, and while the Risian police were thankful, they were concerned about retribution against any Risian civilians. They were assured that Starfleet would handle it, that's what they were there for.

Both stunned and intrigued by what he had witnessed and overheard, Akoni hurried home, his mind full of questions. Those questions, along with a near personal tragedy, eventually lead him to Starfleet Academy at the age of 22. Advised to where his strengths were and what could put him on a path to Intel, Akoni studied Science as his Primary Degree, specializing in Exolinguistics, Xenology, and Biophysics. He has a minor degree in Com/Ops.

Before the Academy, Akoni studied Oceanography at the University of Risa. Meanwhile, the Orions were leaning on merchants more and more for protection money and were so effective, that they were getting away with it, up to a point. His dad didn't want to play ball and ended up hospitalized after taking a beating, with no proof on who did it. This nearly pushed Akoni to do something out of character. Angry, he wanted to go after those he felt were responsible, causing his mother and another merchant to keep him from going out the door, possibly getting himself and/or others killed.

Calming himself and wanting to do something effective that might help his dad and people like them in the gray areas where normal law couldn't reach, Akoni made the decision to apply at the Academy, to finally leaving his homeworld, with the goal of joining Intel in mind.

Working hard, he eventually made it into Intelligence, only to discover the hard way that it was not what he was meant to do after all. The details of that had taken their toll on him to the point of him leaving Starfleet and returning to Risa.

(More to come on how he ended up on Dava)
Service Record • Attended Starfleet Academy at San Francisco, Earth. Primary Degree area in Science, specializing in Exolinguistics, Xenology, and Biophysics, minoring in Communication/Ops. Continued for another year in Communication/Ops, majoring, and went through Command school.
• USS Lakota (NCC-42768) as a Linguistic Officer
• Starfleet Intelligence training
• Tiberius Station as Language Specialist and Rookie Intelligence Officer
• Covert operations and technical support - classified (going to flesh out)
• Retired from Starfleet.


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