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Governor Mesu Mehl

Name Mesu Mehl

Position Chief Diplomatic Officer

Second Position Chief Science Officer

Rank Governor

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Trill- Joined
Age 35
Discord Name Jupiter
Character Disposition Neutral
Status Passes Level Level 3

Physical Appearance

Height 5'8
Weight 140
Hair Color Black faded into gold, shaved aound the lower bottom
Eye Color golden hazel
Physical Description lean with a bit of curves. her hair goes down just below her shoulders. Her skin is pale and she has golden brown trill spots that go from the top of her head all the way down to her feet. Her ears are pierced all along the edge and she has a tribal tattoo in between her shoulders as well as some musical ones on her wrists. She keeps her hair shaved down on the lower bottom where she has another tattoo of soot sprites on the shaved skin. She usually wears black harem pants or different styles from 21st century Japan.


Spouse/Partner none
Children None
Father Cobal
Mother Giadru Nonil
Brother(s) Jiavro Liim
Other Family Graago Keaan (Uncle), Mehl (Mesu's symbiote that commonly refers to itself as a him or he)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Mesu is a passionate person that loves her work, but she is also introverted. She is friendly for the most part, but prefers to not have conflicted conversations that induce a great deal of arguments. She loves to talk about scientific with others and does enjoy other's company. She can sometimes come off as indifferent but she does love giving people advice when she knows they will benefit from it.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths- Mesu is very strong in her knowledge in other cultures and alien races. She also knows a great deal of languages as well as many combative techniques. She also has a great deal of information based on Mehl's multitude of lifetimes.

Weaknesses- Mesu Mehl is a pacifist for the most part. She doesnt like conflict and would prefer to avoid it. She is also very unknown in the relationship department, being Trill, she hasnt really put relationships first, which can make her very awkward person to be around.
Ambitions Mesu Mehl always strives to learn more from others and loves learning about other cultures.
Hobbies & Interests Mesu Mehl has an obsession of 20th-21st century Japan. Favoring a great deal of the style and food from the era. She can be found watching anime while working on her projects as well as having a collection of plushies in her room that she has no shame in snuggling with with eating Miso. She loves reading mangas and drawing as well. Mesu also loves collecting rocks from various planets and systems and performing social experiments on her coworkers, which can also make her act strange.


Personal History Mesu was born on Trill to her parents and the large family that came with them. She was first born but was soon joined by her brother and was raised in a fairly normal childhood. Her stranged Uncle was the only person whom the family did not speak with do to unknown family drama. As she grew, she excelled at Science and academics, allowing her to apply to the Symbiote program. She was selected and was soon given the older Symbiote by the name of Mehl.

Upon their joining a few issues occurred. Mesu became overwhelmed by the violent past of Mehl's previous host, and learning the actions of her Uncle, she vowed to live a peace driven life to help Mehl find balance from his past host. It did not work well as Mehl took over to try and sniff out people from his past life. However, realizing he was putting his innocent host in danger by fighting her, he realized she was right try to lead a more peaceful life. Thus the two became one and the pairing was successful.

Mesu Mehl decided to enroll into StarFleet, to persue further knowledge and interactions. She had grown to be even more efficiant in the science departments, however, this also made her a target. One night after a long lab, she was attacked, but saved when Mehl pushed his combat knowledge to her. They then decided it was best if she trained in comabat, despite being a pacifist. This allowed for her to be more protected.

Shortly after graduation, Mesu was quickly brought onto ships. During her service on her second ship she was attacked whilst on a mission by her estranged uncle, and was injured severely. Mehl was also minorly injured from the attack, though he pulled through. Mesu was more severe and had to undergo a complex surgery. Luckily she pulled through and the experience brought the Symbiont and Host closer together. Mehl decided that should Mesu die, he would want her to be his last life, and would want to die as well.

Service Record Mesu Mehl served on 3 vessels-

USS Odessius- A Science vessel dedicated to connecting different cultures together in an outreach program.

USS Prism- A emergency response vessel that is dedicated to protecting races and coming to the aide of refugees as well as helping to solve environmental problems.

USS Carlington- A diplomatic vessel that served as escort to diplomats and ambassadors as well as gave neutral ground for political meetings


Personal Armaments Phaser Rifle, Custom made Katana, ammo for said rifle
Footlocker rocks, collectables, labradorite flower necklace, pictures of family and friends.


Mental Health Aside from PTSD from near death experience she is good to go.
Physical Health Aside from the huge scar on her abdomen, she is in pristine health.