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Captain Jack Carson

Name Jack Carson

Position Assistant Chief Intelligence Officer

Rank Captain

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human/ Reclaimed Borg
Age 33
Sexual Orientation Straight
Status Passes Level Level 1

Physical Appearance

Height 6'0"
Weight 200 LBS
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description At 5’11” feet tall and 180 lbs, Jack’s intimidation does not lie within his athletic physique, but his demeanor in which he holds himself. He walks with a confident stride, a look of belonging as if he owns the ground he stands upon. At close inspection, those with a trained eye would see the discipline only the Military could instill, if his blonde close-cut high and tight haircut does not immediately give it away. Even still, one could also see that he is the type that spends most of his time sprinting, or doing martial arts, but don’t let that fool you if you think you could take him in a marathon. He is often seen wearing loose fitting clothes and sunglasses, further supporting the disposition of a martial artist.


Spouse/Partner Adelaide MacGregor Carson
Children Elizabeth "Ele (El-ē)" or "Liz) (girl) 11 yro
Jonathon (Boy) 11 yro
Father Bill (Deceased)
Mother Martha (Deceased)

Personality & Traits

Strengths & Weaknesses Fear of losing family, especially his children.
Fear of leaving his children without a father.
Able to turn his fears into a source of strength and determination.
Ambitions Jack aims to be the best role model for his children and the best husband to his wife. He also strives to protect his family from harm.


Personal History Jack Carson was born on May 20th, 2387 to an abusive mother on a civilian freighter. His toddler years were marked with yelling but as he got older, yellings became vicious beatings. By the age of 5, Jack had been so traumatized that fear controlled his life, his father being the only rock to hide behind. By 7, fear turned into hate, which turned into anger. This lead Jack to have random episodes of violence, mostly throwing around items and hitting anyone that got in his way.

Jack’s only saving grace was his father, who only stuck around for his son. He subdued his mother’s aggression from getting any worse, and protected him when he could. Instead of packing his son up and leaving, his father was coerced into staying, being a known criminal in the Federation, or she would turn him into the authorities and leave Jack all alone with no help. Instead, Bill taught him Martial Arts starting with Jiu Jitsu and then Kendo at the age of 6 well after he had developed a temperamental behavior. At the age of 10, a pirate attack left their freighter disabled, resulting in the Carson’s to abandon ship. However, Bill stayed behind to fend off boarders while his family escaped. He never made it off however, as his mother did not wait for him and ejected the pod a bit early, just as the freighter exploded. Jack could not prove it, but he knew his mother rigged it to explode and fully intended for his father to die.

Without his father present, the abuse from his mother got worse until Jack finally snapped after the abuse had started to show signs from going to physical to something worse. By 13, in what was called an act of self defense by courts, Jack killed his mother using his father’s katana, a sword he still has to this day. After trials were done, he was placed in a foster home. From there, he began his schooling. By age 15, having a hard time adjusting to normal society and often overtaken by the traumas of his past, Jack struck out on his own and on this same day he had decided it would be his last day.

(OOC Note: WIP. All my characters are undergoing rewriting of their bios or in some cases still being written (Jack, Adelaide, Elizabeth, and Jonathon). Work is busy, and thus progress is slow. Each of my characters are complex, so it will take a bit. Please don't think I am neglecting my characters.).

At the age of 17 (2404), Carson joined Starfleet to the disappointment of his mother yet again, as she wanted him to take over the ‘family business’. He specialized in Security and Tactical. Jack graduated in 2408.

[ICly classified beyond this point]

USS Valley Forge Security Specialist, Crewman 3rd Class - 2406-2409

USS La Forge Chief of Security/Tactical, Lieutenant - 2409-2410


NX New Destiny, Marine XO - 2412-Present



Physical Health Borg nanoprobes, a Borg neural processor, and a Borg transceiver are present, indicating past assimilation into the collective.