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Private Security Force Officer Selyna Gates

Name Selyna Marryn Gates

Position Security Lead

Rank Private Security Force Officer

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human/Mynnatha
Age 61
Discord Name Syber Kat#3520
Character Disposition Strong and Determined, Protective
Sexual Orientation Bisexual
Status Passes Level Level 3

Physical Appearance

Height 5 ft. 10 in.
Weight 150 lbs.
Hair Color Raven With Deep Blue Streaks
Eye Color Midnight
Physical Description Tall and leanly muscled, Selyna carries herself with the bearing of an officer. Her knee-length raven-streaked-with-deep-blue hair is kept in a tight braid while on duty. Off duty, she wears it French braided to her neck then free from there down. Her midnight eyes are piercing but gentle. She seems to miss nothing, and is always ready, even when relaxed.


Spouse/Partner None... yet
Children None
Father Jeffrey Alexander Gates
Mother Sylvina Sevallaeia
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family David Aaron Gates (Father's father), Marlena Ellen Gates (Father's mother), Dorran Sevallaeia (Mother's father), Torrei Sevallaeia (Mother's mother), Frederick Alan Gates (Father's brother), Jared Andrew Gates (Great Uncle)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Selyna is the classic military officer... to a certain extent. She has the classic hard exterior of a military officer and the stiff training of one. Her general demeanor is strong and unyielding when it comes to matters of importance to Federation security. She does; however, have a softer side... if one can draw it out.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:
+ Strong of mind and body
+ Protective
+ Vigilant and always ready
+ Intelligent

- Can be too strong-minded when she thinks she's right
- Tends toward self-sacrifice
- Has a hard time truly relaxing and letting people in
Ambitions Selyna is really doing what she loves, protecting the innocents. The fact that she gets to do it on an alien world so far away is just a bonus.
Hobbies & Interests Hobbies: Battle Simulations, Fighter flying, Hand to hand combat, chess, plays a mean guitar (both electric and accoustic)
Likes: Raktajino (Klingon coffee), Romulan Ale, fast music
Dislikes: Ferengi, cowards, Kanar (Cardassian liquor)


Personal History Selyna grew up in the schools and institutes to which all children of Military parents went. Her father wanted her to be the best military officer the Federation had ever possessed. His dream... not hers.

Until her mother died... senselessly. Then she threw herself completely into her studies. She determined then (at the age of 12) that she would indeed become the best in the Fleet and protect the other families of the Federation from this same type of loss. This would have been enough to motivate her, but he universe wasn't done with her yet. When she was 14, her father's ship vanished -- literally vanished -- with all hands aboard. She became the ward of her uncle Frederick Gates.

Two years in, at 16, she ran away and went off the grid to avoid being caught by him until she was old enough to join the Corps. And when she turned 18, she followed her father's example and entered the Starfleet Marine Corps. After this, she was sent to serve aboard one of her father's Military Vessels, the USS ShadowStryker. She liked the work, and was indeed very good at it.

She served here for the next five years, until May of 2380 when, during a battle with several Jem'Hadar ships, she was gravely injured. The ship had been boarded. Jem'Hadar soldiers seemed to never end in their numbers.

Selyna spotted a fellow crewman preparing to round a corner and face down a troop of them... and tried to stop the young man. But it was too late. The enemy soldiers coming down the opposite corridor spotted them both first... and fired.

Selyna, who had nudged the other officer out of the way, took the brunt of the shot. However, it was not enough to kill... only enough to throw her back several yards, rendering her unconscious and unable to avoid the falling bits of ship structure.

When the battle ended, the crews began pulling people out from under the fallen bits of the ship. The First Officer of the ship, a long-time friend of the Gates family, found her and had her removed to the Medical Ship that had, by that time, arrived to take survivors to the nearest Starbase.

Selyna was treated and granted medical leave by the physician at the Starbase. This leave and recovery time was to last for three years.

At the end of this time, in late 2384, she was again evaluated and deemed fit for duty once more. But because of the nature of the injuries, it was determined that she would not serve on the Military Vessels any longer. She was, at that time assigned to Starbase 27 for the next three years, until early in 2387.

But her talents were going to waste on that Fringe Starbase. And Starfleet knew it (not to mention that she REMINDED them of it). So she was again transferred. This assignment was still a Starbase, but one that would utilize her skills to their fullest. One that needed good security people. Starbase Fearless was just the place for a woman of Selyna's... unique... type. She enjoyed her service there, but Starfleet saw fit, in its infinite wisdom, to surrender her to Starfleet Intelligence. While in Intelligence, she served on the USS NightFyre (5 years) and the USS NightSabre (17 years) until that ship's destruction. By that time, late in 2409, Selyna had reached the rank of Captain and now commanded that ship for Intel. Unfortunately, the ship was destroyed by ships which remain unidentified to this day. Due to the influence of her uncle, Frederick Gates, she was blamed for this and nearly lost her career in Starfleet. She was fortunate, though, that she also had friends in the Fleet. Admiral Richard Brannigan (Uncle Rich to her) of Starfleet Special Projects got the Fleet brass to throttle back and reduce the "sentence" to demotion.

Selyna was demoted all the way back down to First Lieutenant (which her uncle was pleased enough with) and would have been sent to Deep Space Nine except that everyone had begun to gather at New Eden. So instead, she was sent there until Starfleet could decide what to do with her. During this time, Brannigan was made aware of the need for her skills on the New Destiny and pushed for her to be assigned there. That lasted until they reached the planet on the other side of the Iconian Gateway, but now she protects the new colony. She is perfectly happy with this and does not seek to return home anytime soon.
Service Record 2369-2374 - USS ShadowStryker
2374 - USS ShadowStryker, gravely injured
2374-2377 - Granted Extended Leave for Recovery
2377-2380 - Starbase 27
2380-2381 - Starbase Fearless
2381-2386 – USS Glorious Heritage
2386-2393 - USS NightSabre
2393-2400 - USS NightSabre
2400-2403 – USS NightSabre (Intel)
2403 - USS NightSabre destroyed.
2403-2411 Ensign – New Eden
2412 - Current Destiny Outpost


Personal Armaments 1 - Set of dual-wielded blades
1 - Type 3 Phaser Rifle
1 - Set Armored Bracers
Footlocker 2 - Duty Uniforms
1 - Dress Blues
1 - Box of isolinear chips containing her holodeck programs
1 - PADD containing pictures and other memorabilia of her family
2 - Sets of civilian attire (one in leather and one not)
2 - Sets of boots (one her combat boots and the other civilian boots)
1 - Small box containing the few pieces of jewelry she owns
1 - Small box containing several different hair ties and chains


Mental Health Selyna has some amnesia from the damage she took in the war, but she doesn't let it stop her from moving forward. She really doesn't talk about it, though. Her mother's death was dealt with , but she still believes her father is out there somewhere, KNOWS it in her core.
Physical Health Selyna is very healthy -- she insists on keeping herself on top form.