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Science Mnheia "Heia" Dorek'a-Tymes

Name Mnheia "Heia" Janet Dorek'a-Tymes

Position Biologist

Rank Science

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Half Romulan/Human
Age 40 (37)
Discord Name Heia
Character Disposition Passionate
Sexual Orientation Bi-sexual
Status Passes Level Level 3

Physical Appearance

Height 6 foot
Weight 155 pounds
Hair Color Black
Eye Color (left) Dark Brown (right) cybernetic silver and gray


Spouse/Partner Cael Maz and Arliena Torr (Husband: John Tymes)
Children Harmony and Melody Tymes
Father Maiek Dorek'a (Romulan)
Mother Jessica White (Human)
Brother(s) Maiek Jr. (Twin)

Personality & Traits

Strengths & Weaknesses (-) Being stuck in this time forever
(-) Sensory Aphasia: Verbal (Temporal Psychosis)
(-) Server Allergy to Caffeine
(+) Highly Intelligent
(+) Spatial Awareness that is unmatched.
Ambitions To get home to her children and retire
Hobbies & Interests Gardening (Hydroponics Farming); Reading (real books); Holonovels; Phaser and Disrupter Training; Sword Training; Hand-to-Hand Training


Personal History Mnheia was born to Maiek and Jessica on the Federation colony world of Themes Prime. Her early life was that of a normal child. A lot of hard schooling and training, because her father was very traditional Romulan. He wanted her to Join Starfleet when she reached the correct age.

At the age of 18, she joined Starfleet. Her instructors where surprised at the knowledge she was already skilled in, this was because of her father. It was at the end of her academy when she discovered a Section 31 operation on Earth. She didn't report them to her Commanding Officer, but instead she deleted the sensor logs and covered their escape.

The day after she graduated from the Academy Section 31 approached her with a position. She accepted, and they assigned her to the USS Yorktown F. It was here that she started to further her training. About a year on this ship, it was hit by a Temporal Fissure. She was phased into different time periods. When crew of the Yorktown returned her, she was 3 years older, but it was only a matter of hours for the crew of the Yorktown F. The Command Staff had a hard time of believing her report, until an Officer from the Department of Temporal Affairs arrived. They took her to the Albert System.

DTI recruited her to be a Temporal Agent. When she was able she contacted S31 and they wanted her to stay. When her training was finished she was assigned to the USS Wells A. It was shortly after she arrived on the Wells she meet John Tymes. She went from 2154 on the NX-02 Columbia to 2375 on the USS Enterprise E. After three years John and her married and started their family. John elected to retire from the Wells and raise their children, so she can continue with her missions. She did take a small LOA to set up their home, but when she returned to the Wells, she was sent to the USS Bismarck C in 2400; It was on this mission that she had lost her right eye. When she returned back to the Wells A, they replaced the cybernetic eye she was given, but it was equipped with several modifications. Her eye is able to see temporally phased objects and a sensor scrambler to keep those in a past time from detecting that her cybernetic eye uses 29th century technology.

She was assigned to a mission to locate a renegade Temporal Agent in the year 2410, but when she had found him on the USS Abraham Lincoln, he shot her. This resulted in a firefight in the Engineering section of the ship. She got lucky and stunned him, but right before she was able to get her hands on him, he fell down the Reactor pit. She was unable to retrieve his body as Security personnel where all over the place. Once Heia got to a safe location on the Lincoln, she attempted to contact the Wells, but was unable too. This told her that renegade agent shot shifted her slightly out of temporal phasing.

She returned to her assigned cover position in an attempt to find a Temporal fissure so she can phone home or return home. She had to destroy her 29th century technology, but her cyber eye and the recharger port, to keep her from being compromised. When she remember that the NX New Destiny was starting to get built, so she pulled a few strings and got assigned to the Build Team at the shipyards where the ship was being built.

When the ship was finished as requested and was assigned as the ship Chief Flight Officer, sense she had a huge helping hand on getting it to work.
Service Record 2847 - 2851 Starfleet Academy
2851 - 2852: USS Yorktown F
2852 - 2862: Department of Temporal Affairs on the USS Wells A
2410 – 2413: NX New Destiny Build Team Flight Control Division
(2862) 2413 - 24XX: NX New Destiny


Personal Armaments Romulan Disrupter
Romulan Sword
Footlocker Holopicture of her Husband and her twin daughters, also her whole family
Cybernetic Recharging Port


Mental Health Sensory Aphasia: Verbal
Physical Health Cybernetic replacement of the Right Eye.

(>>>>>Eye is equipped with a Temporal Defraction Spotter make IV (based on the Borg Optical Enhancement used by 7 of 9) and a Temporal Technology Cloak mark III<<<<<)

Severe Allergies to Caffiene (causes Anaphylaxis when ingested)
Sensory Aphasia: Verbal (caused by severe infection after receiving bio replacement eye (OOC: This is what is posted in her file, but isn't true)