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Science Laanye Kic

Name Laanye Kic

Position Assistant Chief Science Officer

Second Position Essential Crew

Rank Science

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Bajoran
Age 38
Discord Name kuna
Character Disposition Pleasant and cheery

Sexual Orientation Straight
Status Passes Level Level 3

Physical Appearance

Height 6 foot
Weight 203 lbs
Hair Color Light brown and blonde
Eye Color Green
Physical Description See photo


Father Disowned
Mother Disowned

Personality & Traits

General Overview He is a warm and inviting person who’s known for his love of a good story. Always around to lend an ear or set of hands. A cat-like curiosity fills his desire to know more about everything he can get his hands on.
Strengths & Weaknesses Science Knowledge
Hazmat Certifications
Distant from family
Ambitions To expand his knowledge in different fields. Someday expand his horizon to the center chair of a science vessel. He desires to find the truth behind each mystery that is presented in front of him, scientific or personal.
Hobbies & Interests Exercise is key to a healthy Bajoran body and thus, he makes time to exercise. He has taken an interest in temporal anomalies (natural and unnatural). Temporal mechanics and causality is a passion of his.


Personal History Growing up in a non-Starfleet family was hard for this man. All through his childhood, he had to keep the fact of his dreams a secret. He dared not tell his family nor his friends a word of what he wanted to become. So thus he had to put on a mask for the world. He was, to them, the perfect little worker.

He maintained a B average throughout his schooling. His education took upon the reflection of what his parents and family wanted, a construction worker. So after graduation, he got his chance. He moved away to San Fransisco, Earth to join Starfleet. All the while his parents thought he had gotten a job doing construction with an important firm.

Having to lie to his parents got easier for a short while but when he graduated from the academy, he had to tell them the truth. On the week of graduation, he called them. The look on their faces was the last thing he will remember of them. They terminated transmission and it was at that point he understood, they disowned him as a son.

This just gave the young man more motivation to succeed. He spent the next 5 years working at the academy working on furthering his education. At that point, he requested to get a position on a starship. Three months after that request he had been granted a position as Cheif of Science on Deep Space 13 or he could take a job working on Mira working as a diplomats adviser. He thought about it for a long time and decided the way to go was going to Deep Space 13.

He was en route via the USS Constriction, an Excelsior refit Class, within three hours of accepting the position. During the time aboard the ship, he learned what he could about the starship and its capabilities noting to himself that it would be an interesting adventure being aboard. Even in the future, perhaps, it would be a good change for him. S'tarkks then spent the next seven years aboard Deep Space 13. In those seven years, he received extensive training in Hazmat training for dangerous environments. As Deep Space 13 was abandoned due to Borg activity, he transferred to New Eden on the Gateway project where he spent the next few years.
Service Record Starfleet Academy Graduate - 4 years -
Starfleet Command School Graduate - 5 years -
Deep Space 13 - Cheif Science Officer - 7 Years - Lieutenant Commander
New Eden - Gateway Project Lead Scientist - 5 years


Personal Armaments type 1 phaser
Footlocker Casual dress clothes, Bajoran prayer beads


Mental Health Mentally stable
Physical Health Peak physical condition