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Drinkin' Buddies

Posted on Fri Jun 10th, 2022 @ 10:06am by Medical Christopher Kuna & Private Security Force Officer Selyna Gates

Mission: Colony Life
Location: The Dive - Market Sector - District Two
Timeline: 241401.17

The Dive was mostly empty. Most people the young adults of the colony tended to prefer the more adult theme of the Skyward. It too was a family bar and grill but one where daddy could, at the right price go get a lap dance in the back room. Or so the rumors said. To each their own. Tanum was proud of his family-friendly establishment. With the aquarium walls allotting spectacular views of the underwater life at the bottom of the large pond. The main entrance was a stairwell that fluted out at the bottom into the entryway.

Straight ahead was the dinner tables set out to a cozy low lighted ambiance soft music that drifted almost dreamily through the large expanse. The large dark polished bar was to the left of this room. The offices and kitchen and replicator hidden behind a closed door. As well as the bedroom like suites a place to put the overly drunk up for the night to sleep it off. Or for employees working overnight.

If you went to the right of the stairs you see a large indoor swimming pool heated and ready for recreation. A small tiki bar just beside it and a large Jacuzzi. A hallway to the side of the tiki bar led to dressing rooms and a sauna.

Should you venture left there was the dance for the fishes club, under construction while the dance floor was being remade. A DJ booth installed tiny round tables and cushy couches flanked the floor inviting dancers to their restful embrace. Laser lights and a disco ball were employed upon request. A couple private karaoke rooms for the shy people.

A hallway opening was just to the left of the club it extended deeply through the water a tunnel of clear glass that left those who walked it feel as though they could be flying. It ended in a vast underwater garden. With colorful flowery plants that hung from the ceiling the small foot trails allowing one to wander about in the serene beauty. A back door at the rear of the gardens opened up to a foot trail that many of the Marines used as a short cut to the diner. These were the public areas of the Dive.

This was Tanum's magnum opus most of it had been here when he'd bought it. But he had done what he could to fix it back up. He had so many dreams. One day he wanted to put in a play area for children to make the environment more family oriented then it already was. Because family was what Tanum was all about.

Christopher was not one for family-friendly places as most people seemed to look down on his profession in such a place but with everyone recently going to recently opened places, he found himself thirsty for a drink. "Well I have heard of this place from my clients." He noted to himself, "a bit of a rough start but I think it's worth a chance." As he entered the front doors, he took it in in all it's splendor.

Selyna Gates was many things, each appropriate to the place she was at and the people she was with. Tonight, she had been feeling a bit... nostalgic. She had not had family around her, save for her fellow Marines, in so long that a place like the Dive seemed just perfect for her mood. Entering by the front door, not the Marine Entrance as they liked to call it, she stopped at the foot of the staircase and just let it all soak in. "Beautiful..." she murmured to herself as she got off the stairs to avoid blocking the way for the next person in.

Tonight, her look was decidedly casual. Black jeans that covered the tops of a pair of nice, black, low-heeled boots -- she was tall enough without adding heels to it -- above which was a deep blue blouse with three-quarter sleeves. Her raven, blue-streaked hair was loose, pulled away from her face only but left free in the back. She cast her gaze over the room as she moved to the bar area. Might as well start with a drink.

A man with ebony skin and ashen grey hair wearing Brown coveralls and a black tool belt had just come from the closed door near the bar. He glanced over the main room and noticed a few other people there but not many. He was getting close to finishing the DJ stand, all he had to do was do the wiring. He had looked towards the stand then back to the bar and decided to have a drink before he got to work. He nodded to the Young woman at the bar as he passed her and took a seat a few chairs down.

Christopher looked to see if there was someone around to seat him but spying no one but a sign that said 'Now Hiring - Host/Hostess' he figured it was a sign to seat one's self. He began to make his way toward the bar taking in the view of the pond and tanks around the establishment. "Impressive."

Jorael glanced over at the newcomer to the bar and nodded to the gentleman. He appeared to be Betazoid by the looks of it. He smiled at them as he waited for the bartender to appear. "Barkeep?" He called towards the back.

"The name is Steve not barkeep!" A rustic old man said, stumbling out from behind the office doors. "Brian to my friends. What you want to drink kids?" He asked, smiling wide then with an almost toothless grin.

Jorael was feeling a bit nostalgic for home and wondered if they had anything Zelarkian. "Would you happen to have any Zelarkian fire whiskey on hand?" Oh, how he missed that stuff. He remembered the first time he tried it. he couldn't talk for hours, it burned so much.

"Fire whiskey you call it eh? I'll go look. I know some white haired fairy looking Marine came in here talking to the boss about a recipe for some such nonsense." The man muttered as he disappeared into the back.

Tanum who had been out checking on the new buds of the underwater gardens made his appearance then. Seeing a room with customers and his waitress and barkeep nowhere to be found he frowned. Then in his boisterous friendly voice he walked in and greeted them. "Come to the underwater dive! I am sorry if you have been waiting over long." He said. "How's about I start all you fine folks off with a bit of something on the house."

Jorael smiled at Tanum. "Your fine barkeep, Brian, just ran in the back to see if you had any Zelarkian fire whiskey for me. These fine folks haven't been served yet though. Place their first round on my bill." He winked at Tanum.

Selyna chuckled softly at the two men before speaking to the man who seemed to be the owner. "Thank you. I haven't been here too long, but I never refuse free drinks," she said with a smile. Okay, that wasn't entirely true; she refused them all the time from men she didn't want to have sex with who were buying her drinks just to get sex. Still... "Do you know how to make, or does your bartender, a Martathian Sunrise?"

"If not we would be happy to look it up.." Tanum said. He looked to the other patron in the room and asked. "How about you sir? What's your pleasure?" His large brown eyes seemed to project an aura of Goodwill and genuine hospitality.

Selyna found that she liked those eyes. They seemed... honest, warm, kind. Those were rare commodities in her experience. "It's okay if you don't. I can pick something simpler." she offered, partly just so he'd look at her again.

Look he did, Tanum gave her one of his big smiles the one that showed off his dimples. "Not to fret Ma'am we will get your drink sorted just as you like." He turned and headed in back to see what was holding Brian up.

Selyna grinned back at him, unable to stop it. That smile was infectious to say the least! "Thank you." She realized at that second that she had no bloody clue who the handsome man was and kicked herself for not asking. Oh, well, he'd come out of the back at some point, and she could remedy that error. For now, she smiled at the other two patrons. "Hello, gentlemen. Mind if I join you?"

Christopher observed the room as well as the man offering free drinks, "I will take a White Russian double if I could." He said before Tanum disappeared. As Selyna approached, he smiled, "Please do." He motioned toward a seat near by.

Tanum had given a thumbs up as he set off to see to the drinks glad to see the interactions taking place as the down sung closed.

Selyna smiled broadly at the two handsome gentlemen. "Thank you," she said as she sat. "I'm Selyna, by the way. What should I call you two handsome gentlemen?" Her smile became a playful smirk as she added, "After all, I can't just call you 'hey you'. That'd get confusing really quick."

"The names Jorael, an engineer. It's nice to meet you Ms. Selyna." Jorael said with a smile to the young lady.

"Christopher, but people call me The Dude so I am told recently. But 'hey you' works just fine as well." He said responding back with a nod and a raise of his wrist.

Selyna grinned. "Oh you're just full of fun, aren't you?" she teased. "Nice to meet you both. So what brings you two here tonight?"

"I actually live in one of the rooms in back. I was gonna grab a drink and maybe a bite to eat before heading out." Jorael said as he smiled at Selyna. She was a nice looking lady but she held her self stiffly without realizing it. 'Probably ex starfleet or marine.' He thought to himself. He looked Christopher over. He looked like someone who is looking for a good time and he didn't care where or how he got it. He had a spirit that He, himself, would have loved to have but he was happy now.

Tanum returned with Brian and handed out the requested drinks with that same friendly open grin. He was glad to see them all talking together. Especially the lil dark lad. "Jorael my boy whatever happened to your lil super Nova? I'm surprised you have not invited her to come back again. I had Yani put some romantic music on the juke box in the back to help you woo the lovely lady. You have been practicing those dance move I taught you?"

Jorael blushed and lowered his head into his drink, thankful that at least the blush could go unnoticed. "She's fine. Was thinking maybe to ask her out again, just no idea of what to do." He said in a half whisper. 'Why do I always act like this when she's around or she's even just mentioned.' He thought to himself. He managed to look back up at Tanum with a smile as he took a large swig of the firewhiskey.

Tanum reached out and gave the young Zelarkian a fatherly patt on the shoulder. "I tell you what you should do. Take her somewhere new. I hear there is a shnazzy little club about to open soon .. what was it called?"

" The pegaus boss." Brian says in response as he wiped off the bar.

" Yeah! That's it! Maybe invite her to go with ya to check the place out when it opens." Tanum says withdrawing a card he'd received from his pocket he handed it to the boy. " Sounded like a classy place so make sure you both polish your seleves up. You represent the Dive so make sure you leave a good impression."

Christopher listened carefully as he took the white Russian and began to drink it casually. He had heard of this club mentioned once or twice before. He had been meaning to ask Nigi about it but she seemed to be avoiding him at this time. She would come around eventually. He appeared to be content in himself as he turned in his chair and began to look through the food menu.

There came a chirp from Tanums wristband. He looked down at it frowned ."sorry folks i gotta go. Brian take good care of the guests" he says hurrying away.

Jorael looked at the 2 at the bar then to Brian. "I better be heading out. Have to go see Nova and the kids." He said as he got up and with a nod to Brian followed Tanum.

Selyna blinked a couple of times as first the handsome owner of the place then the equally handsome engineer both ran off suddenly. Odd that. She decided to let it be what it was and looked at the one man who hadn't run off. "Hm... I sit down and they run away. Was it something I said?" Her tone was jovial, a joke meant by her words.

"The more I get out and about, the more I find this colony to be an odd and busy place. People coming and going left and right it seems." Christopher said as he turned more toward Selyna, "They could also be intimidated by beauty, after all, they did get a good look at both of us."

Selyna chuckled and moved to a closer seat, taking her drink with her. "Hm... you may be right. I do get that reaction a lot," she said with a wink. "So what do you do around here, Christopher?" she asked, taking a sip of her beverage and watching him.

"I am the guy people come to see when they need some advise of the...sexual nature. Also useful for a multitude of therapy stuff. But most the time, I just lounge around, trying to be of some use to others." Christopher said with a warm smile and relaxed posture. "What about yourself?"

Selyna chuckled. "I am pleased to see that my posture didn't give me away for once. I'm a marine. Not in the hierarchy, but hey. I'd rather not have the kind of responsibility Colonel Barrows has." She took a sip of her drink and leaned back in her chair. "So besides sex and drinking, what do you do for fun?"

"I enjoy a wide range of music, occasionally going to the movies, and long walks around the colony." Christopher said. "A marine huh? High tension job all the way around and no matter how you look at it. While I support our troops, I never could get into the whole taking orders thing very well."

Selyna chuckled. "Well, I grew up with a dad who was a Marine. I hadn't originally intended to go that direction, but life has a strange way of nudging you where it wants you." She chuckled again. "As to your tastes, it would seem we have common ground. I play guitar."

"Ahhh electric or acoustic?" Christopher said as he took a drink and sipped on it allowing the cream-colored liquid to slide down his throat.

Selyna grinned. "Both." She took a sip of her beverage, watching his reaction. "Why? Do you have a preference?"

"I have always been a fan of what the electric guitar can do over the acoustic one. But I do appreciate them both. " Christopher said playing with his glass in his hand. "Piano has always been something I have enjoyed listening to."

Selyna nodded. "Piano is nice, but I don't play it," she admitted. "As to the guitars, I thisk each has its advantages depending on what genre of music you're playing." She sipped her own drink, thinking for a second. "Do you play any instrument?"

Christopher shook his head, "Aside from the triangle, I am useless with music hands on. Though my vast knowledge of music has made for an almost great D.J. at times. That field is filled I think by Miss here on the colony."

Selyna chuckled softly. "Well, she does do that, but why does there have to be only one? There are at least two locations that can be played in," she reminded him with a grin. "Do you sing, by chance?" she asked, a thought coming to her as they talked.

"I have been known to belt out a tune every now and again. Pitch however seems to still be my problem. I crack at anything higher than an alto anymore." Christopher remarked as he took another sip from his glass, motioning for another.

Selyna grinned again, draining the contents of her glass and motioning as well for another. "Maybe we could jam sometime then," she suggested. "Nothing performance at this stage, just hang out and let the Art take us. What do you think?" Selyna had been told that she could play for small venues if she chose, but she really didn't care for the idea, at least not by herself. She wasn't really Performance Girl. She preferred private jam sessions between friends or at least people who enjoyed the music as much as she did. She preferred a relaxed approach to music, not the harried, stressed-out approach that performance engendered. To hopefully entice him into agreeing, she added, "And I promise, I'm a judgment-free zone," with a wink.

"I could get behind that." Christopher said after some thinking on the subject and a refresh of his white Russian. "Now song choices are astounding here on the colony. Jenj has just about everything you could want, from Vulcan Metal to Klingon Grunge to Romulan Techno. Sky's the limit."

Selyna toyed with the glass she was handed as she thought about that. "Well, my tastes are pretty eclectic. Do you have a favorite style?"

"I would say anything that resembles a chill atmosphere. Less metal like music or rap, more laid back vibes." Christopher said after thinking about it for a bit.

Selyna grinned. "I like that stuff too. I generally choose my music by my mood, though, so it can get raucous sometimes." She chuckled a little and sipped on her new glass. "I think we can find some common ground." She lifted the glass and held it forward. "To new friends and new music!"

"To living a life worth dieing for." Christopher said before picking up his glass and clanking it against Selyna's. Once done, he took a deep long drink from it, nearly finishing it.

Brian returned to the table, "Folks, I am sorry but I have just been informed that this place is closing, for good." He frowned, "Your drinks tonight are on the house since this will be our final night open."

Selyna had drank to that as well and lowered her glass to the table as Brian returned and proclaimed that the place was shutting down permanently. Her eyes widened then narrowed. What the hell was going on? Ultimately, whatever the Blakes' reasons were, they were none of her business. She looked over at Christopher then back at Brian. "Are you closing now? Or just at the end of the night?" she asked, purely for clarification.

Brian frowned again, "Unfortunately he is closing it now. Might I recommend Skyward? I hear it has a good reputation."

Christopher looked to both before picking up his glass and downing it. "Nigi is not very happy with me right now. Skyward is the last place she would want me to be." Christopher said giving off an off sense that there was more to that story. "But in any case, you know how to reach me." He said waving his wristband. "And my doors always open." He said referring to his office before standing up and making his way out the door.


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