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Good ol' Academy Days

Posted on Sun Jun 19th, 2022 @ 8:58am by Vice Admiral Cael Maz & Science Laanye Kic & Captain Jack Carson & Governor Kaelyth Solmarr & Science Cydwenn Sov

Mission: Stolen, Borrowed, Recovered
Location: Several inside the colony
Timeline: 241401.19

Cydwenn awoke, dazed and confused.

Seeing as she had fallen asleep at her desk; which hadn't happened since her academy days, a very audible groan could be heard as she slowly sat up, "ugh....wha what, coffee, need coffee," she muttered wobbling a little as she finally stood up and took her first steps.

Kic had been across from her for a good while. Since the Iconian gateway was back, he had been sent to find a way to lock the damn thing so the GAV do not enter and exit on a whim. While there were several ships in orbit, he had serious doubts about their abilities to protect the colony. "Good morning, sweetheart. How was your rest?"

"Fuck, sorry, fuck sorry again," Cydween said realizing she had just cussed in front of her superior, "coffee?" She asked trying to get her brain moving again, {I can't believe I fell asleep in front and then cussed in front of my superior,} she thought.

Kic chuckled. "Sure. It's a rare thing to have these days so a treat will be nice. Unless you are talking the replicated version, then no thanks." He pushed back from the desk, "Since Jenj has been down, I can't do much of anything. And seeing how it is now lunchtime, care to go up to the Skyward for a proper meal?"

Looking around the lab, "sure, and yeah with Jenj down, you are right there is very little we can do," she said pulling her lab coat off and hanging it up, "oh, I did find this before Jenj went down," she said showing him on the PaDD, "have no idea what it is, but its something," she added.

Kic came around the side and looked over her shoulder at the PADD, "What am I looking at?" Kic said as he approached trying to get an idea of the info on the PADD.

"Here," she said pointing out like a shimmer as she put it on a loop, "....did you see that like shimmering?" She asked thinking back to what it was like looking at a sonogram of early pregnancy, "I mean it could just be spacial radiation but, I don't know," she said shrugging.

"That's radiation from a cloak!" Kic said recognizing it instantly, "Where is the time stamp?" He asked as he looked at the PADD. A few races had a cloak but here, now, with so many ships in orbit protecting the planet, someone was pretty ballsy to come in under the cloak.

"Cloak? How many ships within the GAV have a cloak, or how many species here have that tech?"

"Well here, we have no idea. The Abrexi and the Daarans just arrived so they would be the best ones to ask. As for the Galactic Alliance, I suspect every species that has had a cloak and made it to New Eden. But why come in cloaked?" Kic asked.

"Maybe they want to get past inspections, and all of that stuff and get past New Eden and explore? Or worse an enemy using the cloak to get intel on us?"

Kic thought for a moment, "We need to take this to a Governor or at least the head of Intel. Let them know what you discovered. Perhaps they will have more information? Let's see, Govner Maz is out of the question seeing as he was injured getting Cormac. That leaves the other two governors and the other Maz." He looked to Cydwenn, "Your discovery, your pick."

Cydwenn gulped, {the governor's,} she thought, "m my choice?" She asked, "right um,,.l let's go with the other Maz," she finally said, hoping to god she was making the right choice.

"Right. Let's go track him down then." Kic said with a nod then began to make his way toward the door of the lab. Without Jenj, it will be a little harder to track him down but last he heard, which might be old news, he was a frequent visitor of The Dive. "He might be at The Dive., lets head there."

Cydwenn just nodded, "Sounds like a good place to start as any, and plus they might have coffee," she said with a soft chuckle.

And after some time they arrived at their intended destination only to find the building closed up.

"Well fuck. I guess after the death of Mister Blake, she closed it." Kic said scratching his head. After a few seconds of that, he headed toward a window and tried to see in but the privacy glass made that impossible. "Hell, where would he be at then?"

"So, where else would he be? What is his second favorite place?" Cydwenn asked as she was still getting used to the colony.

"His place on the Destiny, I am assuming. That or with one of the governors. He does have meetings today so he could be in one." Kic summarized. Gods he wished his wrist band worked. "In any case, we are looking at district one."

"Err um, if he is in meetings can't we just send a message to him? And, same if he is up on the Destiny?"

Kic held up his wrist. "Messaging system is down, com badges never worked here, hell I am surprised we have power. I mean we can get to both from District one. She's been landed for some time so we can just hop on Destiny and go from there." Kic said as he began to walk toward the trains which were still working. "It's important information that they need to see so I guess we get going. Coffee will have to wait for a minute I suspect."

Hearing that coffee had to wait, but she also knew that what they, or what she found was something that the governors needed to know, "alright, but only promise that the next stop is for coffee," she added chuckling.

"Destiny should have a stock of real fresh coffee. Non replicated." Kic said as they then made their way to the trains and onto district one. As Kic took a seat, he looked about the train at all the passengers. "I was getting used to being alone on these, now there are SO many people in the colony going too and fro."

It was shocking, it had been so quiet for so long, but now it was bustling. Staying quiet as people watch during the short journey.

Kic looked out the window and as he did, the ship was getting bigger and bigger as they approached. It drew many things in the city but there it was, in all her glory. As the train stopped, Kic got up and proceeded to make his way out the door.

"I always forget how big ships are, and then bam!" She said laughing a little.

As they approached the gangplank area of the vessel, a lift lowered down to allow the two to onboard and inside. "Well someone is here." He said as the lift began to rise.

"....who else is assigned to the Destiny?" Cydwenn asked, she was not great with names in general, and especially outside of her department of science.

"Currently that is up for debate." A woman's voice spoke from around them as they arrived at the lower half of the ship. "Site to Site transport, engaging. Please stand by."

With a whirl of energy. both Kic and Cydwenn were transported to the ready room of the vessel. At the head of the table sat Vice Admiral Cael Maz in full uniform, all black in color. "I take it you are here to see me?" He asked before turning to Jack. "Everything should be ready to go we just need the crew lined up. Problem is, we have too many grounders and not enough looking for some epic space trouble."

Jack smirked, tugging on the collar of his uniform as the two beamed in. "We'll shape them up in no time, least with you at the helm space trouble will come to us," he said as his gaze turned towards the newcomers.

Cydwenn still hated transporters, especially when it was not made aware that one was going to be used. "Dam....err um, apologies," she quickly spatted ours after realizing who she was standing in front of and also realizing that she was warned.

"We hate to disturb you, sirs, but Cydwenn has something to show you. I think you will find this very interesting." Kic said as he looked to Cael, "Also, I am not able to get any further with shutting it down. Jenj is out of commission and all my work is still on her systems."

"That is alright Mister Laayne. Take your time and be thorough in your work. Now then, what do you have for us?" Cael said looking to Cydwenn.

"Right, yes, um may I?" Cydwenn asked about using the console.

Cael motioned in an approving manner toward the console.

"Here, right here," Cydwenn said as she pointed out the disturbance in space, 'do see that ripply area?" She asked.

Cael leaned in closer to the screen and played the image a few times, "Jack, what you think? Local or worse?"

Jack looked closely at the disturbance and frowned. Most cloaking tech would not allow even such an anomaly to be visible. It often to tetryon bursts to discover. This, if it was what he thought it was, was either malfunctioning or cloaked in a manner, unlike most others. "That looks like a pitiful attempt a cloak, like the process of cloaking, couldn't quite finish." He stated as he made more out of the picture. Definitely, a cloak as one could see a barely distinct outline of a ship. "Likely worse, sir," he responded, figuring most ships here had no business with a cloaking device, let alone actively using it.

"Jessica, did you pick up any scans of the colony or any attempts to transport off this planet?" Cael asked having gotten the answer from Jack.

"That is affirmative. Several attempts at beaming were attempted in the past twelve hours. I don't know how I missed it in my passive scans before." Jessica stated through the wall.

Cael frowned, "We might be missing a few people. We need to alert the Govoners." he went to tap his combadge and frowned, "Forgot they do not have a working ecosystem. What time is it?" He asked around for the answer.

"It's been like a couple of hours, so it's like 10:00 am?" Cydwenn said simply looking at a chronometerr.

"Kaelyth is on shift." Cael said standing up as he spoke, "We need to go inform him of what you have found. The fastest way to reach him is going to be his communicator. Jessica, would you mind sending him an urgent message. Let him know where we are."

Jessica responded, "Yes, father. The message has been sent. He is responding now, putting it on speaker."

Kaelyth was surprised when his Lessanthi comm softly indicated that a transmission was coming in. Iytha Rhaen should not be here yet, so who...? Jessica, he reminded himself even as he accepted the transmission and heard her voice. "I hear and am on my way." He immediately left the office in the Control Tower and made his swift way toward the Destiny.

Jack frowned as he pulled up the roster. "So they only attempted or did they succeed in taking people?" They'd need to figure out who, and why of course.

Kic shrugged, "Unknown sir. We just have been trying to track the Admiral down to offer the information."

Cael nodded, "The Abrexi do not have the means of detecting cloak, they abandoned their early attempts at the devices. We need to do a technology exchange with them so they have that ability and to be able to detect it."

"That seems prudent if we got cloaked ships floating around," he said scratching his head. "We need to find out who is missing and why. I suggest making sure crew stay in the dome until we figure out who is missing and the situation is resolved."

"With the exception of the sea lab, no one is permitted outside until we have perfected the spray for the vines and spine plants. Can't risk any more lives." Cael said, "But again that is a recommendation we can make to the governors."

“Is the New Destiny in any shape to go check it out?” Cydwenn asked.

"She is but the governors are the ones that need to decide on what to do about it, not I. I am just here to aid them and protect this colony from the Gee Aee." Cael said before looking toward the table, "If it is the Gee Aee then we have more problems than I thought."

Kaelyth reached the New Destiny and signaled for the lift to come down so that he could board. Whatever the emergency was, he hoped that it would not turn out to be life or death immediately. They needed a chance to get their footing again as it were.

With little time wasted, the lift came down and as Kaelyth stepped on, the lift rose up into the bay, as soon as it arrived, Kaelyth was beamed localy to the meeting room where Cael, Jack, Cydwenn, and Kic stood.

Not losing any time, Cael looked to Kaelyth, "We have a cloaked ship potentially in orbit of the planet. We believe they have taken people from this colony and we have attempted transporter signals to match. Do you happen to have a list of all the species on the planet as well as DNA structures so we can get an accurate scan of the colony to see who left?"

Kaelyth glanced at the screen then brought his eyes back to the Vice Admiral as he spoke. "We do have a record of those who were here before the GA ships brought us more people. We have been cataloging all of them as well and giving them full Medical evaluations. I can provide you with the list as it is now and the updated list when we have it if you still need and want it at that time," he answered, already reaching into his pocket for the tablet that had become his constant companion since Jenj and the power had gone down. Everything went into this tablet.

Accessing the tablet by means of the silvered edges, he gave it the command to transfer the requested information to the New Destiny's system for analysis and review. He then addressed the resident A.I. "Jessica, did you receive the data?"

"I have. Comparing information now to current scans. One moment please." Jessica stated as she began to run passive scans of the colony. She was picking up a lot of details but whatever she could pick up as limited to the dome interior and did not extend further.

"You are currently missing one-hundred seventy-three people, about a dozen pets that were brought with. What does concern me is that I am getting no trace of the wristbands the missing people wore. I believe that there is a future issue of espionage." Jessica stated.

Jack's eyes widened a bit and frowned. "Is this our people, or mix of ours and natives? I suggest an immediate update to all wristbands still accounted for with new access codes., but only those. That way if a wristband pops up not updated with the newer codes, we know it doesn't belong," he suggested.

"What do you mean, natives? And I have no control over the codes for the wristbands, that is Jenj and she is still getting a firmware update. I would bring this up in the meeting tomorrow with both Abrexi and the Daarans. Very important information and a very good idea." Jessica said.

Kaelyth watched the recording as well, noting that the cloak they were seeing was definitely not of Lessanthi design. The fact that so many people were missing now was of great concern to him, and he frowned deeply. Looking back at his tablet, he commanded that into his list of things to discuss with the Abrexi and Daarans tomorrow. Looking back up at the Vice Adfmiral, he said, "I have added this to the list of things that need addressing with them." He wished that he could do more in the here and now though. If Iytha Rhaen was here, he could have her scan that ship... but she wasn't. Not yet. So he let that thought go and focused on the meeting he was currently in.

"I think it's best to keep a lid on this until we know more. Do not need the colony in a panic at all." Cael said with a frown, "The less people know right now the better."

Kaelyth nodded sagely. "I agree, sir." He looked between the others in the room. "Is there anything else I can help you gentlemen with?"

"That will be all, everyone is dismissed." The Admiral said before turning back to the conversation he was having beforehand.


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