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Needs and Wants

Posted on Sat Aug 20th, 2022 @ 3:40pm by Civilian Contractor Akoni Kapulé & Governor Kaelyth Solmarr & A.I. Jenj AI & Close Ally Zenasha & Close Ally Daarans

Mission: Stolen, Borrowed, Recovered
Location: Meeting Room of Command Center
Timeline: 241401.20

After the telepathic disruption ceased, the Abrexi and Daaran representatives removed their hands from their heads. The Daaran spoke first through the wrist bands, "There. That is much better. Now then where were we?" they asked as they looked at the only Abrexi representative still in the room.

"I believe we were getting a list of needs for the people who dwell inside this colony." The Abrexi said through her wristband. "Jenj, as I have said before, will come free of charge, so to speak. She has provided valuable information that we will be using for our other Jenj's across our colonies."

Kaelyth had also felt the telepathic 'assault'. Though his walls had protected him from some of it, they had not prevented it from being painful enough for him to grit his teeth against it. Now that it had gone, however, he shook himself mentally and considered the two before him for a moment, then he consulted a tablet he carried in his jacket pocket. It was not the PADDs that had come from the Alpha Quadrant, but something from his own homeworld. It was made of an opaque crystal with silvered psi-plate edges. This meant that there was no need for a stylus or tapping on a screen. He called up what they had already discussed as needing to be done and sighed. There was quite a bit here already, and he would not blame these people if they refused any of it.

Looking up at the representatives, focusing mostly on the Abrexi lady as she had been the one to ask the question. "Yes, that is correct," he answered, his tone respectful. Right now, he was Speaker, using all of that training to properly address these people before him. "We do have some immediate concerns that we feel need addressing as soon as possible. However, we wish to make it clear that we do not wish to appear to be demanding or presuming upon you. We understand that these are simply requests and can be refused."

Once more, he consulted his tablet and then looked back at the Abrexi woman. "First, may I ask how you wish to be addressed?" His training told him that it was exceedingly rude not to ask this and then address his opposite in any negotiation as they wished to be addressed.

"You might call me by my given name, Zenshara. The one who left is known as Zenasha and our Daaran representative is known as Ambassador Janjsa. We Abrexi do not carry titles as such so our names shall suffice." Zenshara said as she looked around the room at all the guests. "In turn, we shall get to know you all as well." then turned to Kaelyth, "You may proceed." she then bowed her head softly.

Kaelyth gave a slight bow of his head to each representative. "Thank you, Zenshara, Ambassador Janjsa," he said, making sure to pronounce each name as close to the way she had said it as his accent would allow. "I apologize for the accent. I am Kaelyth Solmarr, but Kaelyth is sufficient. I, along with Cael Maz and Mesu Mehl, govern those who have settled here." Since the two had made no complaint about the people living here, he did not address that further. Instead, he moved forward.

"As I mentioned, there are a couple of things that are of immediate concern as regards our people." The rest were technical issues, and he would address them next, but people always took priority for him. "Two of our number are in a bad way, and we are unable to help them. We wish to know if you can. All else can be discussed after this." He only added that last bit so that they would know that this first request was not the entirety of the list. His tone was still completely respectful and showed that what he had presented was a request only.

Zenshara closed her eyes for a few seconds and then looked to Kaelyth again, "The one known as Cormac MacArthur is the one for the outburst a few moments ago. He is being transferred to our vessel in orbit now for further assistance. spores. They were created by the local flora? Correct?"

Kaelyth looked at his notes before answering. It seemed that he had an overabundance of those lately. These were the 'pleasures' of being a Speaker, though, he supposed. He was trained for this, but he sometimes still felt as though he was drowning in paperwork, lists, and notes of all breeds. And this situation was especially trying given that he not only had to present a good impression for First Contact but also had to make sure that he addressed everything that they needed without giving offense to their guests. He kept all of this behind his mental walls, though, and presented the image of the competent Speaker.

Looking back up at Zenshara, he nodded. "That is correct, according to the information I have been provided." He waited now, would address Cael's situation next, but her question had put a pause on this request.

Zenshara looked to her wristband with pause, "According to what is on record, it is a byproduct of various species of corpses being...and I quote "Over the fence" to the 'man-eating vine plants." Zenshara looked to the people, "Is this common practice in regards to the disposal of your dead?" Her expression gave no tells that one could register. It was as if she was looking for facts of a case that was being presented while ever so covertly.

Kaelyth winced inwardly but gave no outward sign. "It is not a common practice, no," he began honestly. "However, according to my records, it was done out of a sense of necessity at the time." Honesty was always best in cases where you wanted or needed something from your opposite -- lies always caught up with you in such cases and affected outcomes adversely -- and they definitely needed things from these people.

"Two thousand of your years ago, we had reports of these plants, though smaller in size and number. Given the condition of this Colony and it's lack of upkeep, the advancement of the plants in general, and the weather station not working correctly for about one thousand five hundred of your Terran years, we will consider this an unknown factor. Disposal of your future dead should be dealt with in the cloning chambers waste disposal system. It is meant to recycle the bodies appropriately." Zenshara said bringing up the location of the cloning lab in the hospital. "These are level three access only."

"In regards to Cormac, this information will provide useful in finding a treatment for him. To the matter of Govoner Cael Maz, not to be confused by the Vice Admiral to my left," she indicated toward the Vice Admiral who had been quiet the entire time, "We can offer treatment for both the host and the symbiont. There are two options, give both bodies to operate out of or we can attempt to mentally fix the damage."

When she gave him the information on the cloning lab disposal units, Kaelyth noted it in his tablet map of the colony. "We thank you for the information regarding the disposal units," he began, then addressed the issue with Cael. The wording confused him for a moment, so he paused as he processed it clearly. There was only one body, after all. And that was where context gave him clarity. They were offering to separate the two into individual bodies. But would that not be problematic in its own way? It could not be his decision.

"We are grateful for the offer of help for Governor Cael Maz," he stated, "however this decision cannot be mine as I have no personal stake in it. It would be best for one of us to consult with his mate as to what should be done." He stated it as a suggestion.

"One moment then. The mate is deciding between the two options. Whichever it might be, we can have it done while we discuss here. The facility in this place, while older compared to what we have, should suffice. Is your doctor available? They might want to oversee everything. If so, I recommend a trip to the medical facility to provide assistance." Zenshara stated directly.

Kaelyth nodded. "I am sure that the doctor is available to observe," he answered. "I will send him a message immediately." Quickly, mentally commanding the wristband, he sent a messege to Devaen's to inform him of what had just been discussed and asking him to go to Cael's room as soon as it was possible. When he received a confirmation, he looked back to Zenshara. "He has acknowledged and will be there momentarily," he informed her.

Zenshara nodded softly, "I will then leave them to their expertise."

The doors to the room opened, and Akoni quietly stepped inside. He took notice of everyone there, raising an eyebrow, then stepped in further to wait until they would acknowledge him before taking a seat.

Zenshara nodded toward Akoni but not before looking at her wristband, "Welcome Akoni Kapulé. You are the one who has been taking care of our labs for the sea here on Dava, correct?"

"Thank you, and that is correct," Akoni replied. "I apologize for the interruption. May I take a seat?" His demeanor was one of politeness.

"Please do." Zenshara said, "I am Zenshara and this to my left is Ambassador Janjsa of the Daarans. You might find that they have a few shuttles moving about the planet near the seaside. You two must talk if you get the chance."

Kaelyth stood quietly, listening to the two speak, waiting his turn to continue his list. He was not in a particular rush; the most important thing, in his opinion, had already been addressed. The rest of the list was needed, but there was not the same sense of urgency about them. So he stepped back a pace and let the Oceanographer address his concerns.

The Abrexi stood, "I have just been informed that the need for me in the cloning facility for Governor Cael Maz. I hate to end the meeting so please address any concerns to the Ambassador." And with that she stood and looked to Vice Admiral Cael Maz, "You might want to assemble all the joined of your species. We will need your help."

Cael nodded and began to think of a message sending it out to all the Joined Trill in the colony. "Sent." He said as he stood and proceeded toward the same door that Zenshara was leaving through.

Kaelyth watched the two leave, concern showing on his features for a moment before he once more schooled them and turned back to the Daaran ambassador and the Oceanographer. "I will allow Mr. Kapulé to address his concerns first," he stated. "Please continue," he deferred to the other man.

After what the Abrexi had said about the governor and the subsequent message by the Admiral, Akoni had taken a moment before returning his attention to why he was there. Alright..., he thought to himself. He hadn't expected to go over his list so soon after walking into the meeting. He looked between the other two, deciding to get to the point. "So far, repairs are going well at the facility, but we are without some equipment and components. That could potentially be solved by a fabricator." He then directed a question to Janjsa. "Would it be possible to get one?"

Ambassador Janjsa listened intently and then responded vocally, which the translator on the wrist band compensated for. "We have fabricators, yes. They are on our home planet, however. We do not have the ability to create items on a whim, such as the replicator technology that you have brought along. As I understand it, there are three on this colony plus the fabricator on the New Destiny. Vice Admiral Maz filled us in on that bit of information."

As Kaelyth listened to the two talk, something caught his attention, and he tilted his head. "Please forgive my interruption, but I am in need of clarification on a point." He looked at each before addressing his point of confusion. "In my language, there are two words for what you both are discussing. One translates as Replicator which is the smaller synthesis devices that you have just described, Ambassador." He was unaware of Destiny having one of the larger ones. "The other translates as Fabricator which references a larger device for synthesizing or fabricating larger objects. The confusion arises for me because Starfleet calls these larger devices Replicators as well. So I feel the need for clarity. When you say that we have fabricators, Ambassador, are you referring to the smaller devices or the larger ones?"

"The definition of fabricator is closer to the 20th century Earth definition. It means a person who is in charge of the production of an item. In this case, the one on New Destiny is Jessica. When the Ambassador is talking about such, this is what they are referring to." Jenj stated through the bands, "Ambassador, what they mean by fabricator is a much larger replicator, an object that has preset creations and uses blank slate materials to produce it. It might be something you are interested in acquiring?"

Janjsa nodded as they listened, absorbing the information that was being shared mentally via the wristband. "Ahhh, my apologies. We do not have this technology, but can see the benefit of having such."

Akoni nodded his agreement, also understanding the confusion. His hands, resting on the tabletop, extended outward as he spoke next, "Although it will take more time than we desire, we should be able to build a larger replicator for the items needed. But unfortunately, our scanners can not identify the complete molecular structure of some of the components we need to replicate. Would you be able to help us with that?"

"The Abrexi would be more than likely the people to talk to on this issue. I, personally, have yet to receive any data on this planet other than a passive scan to get here. I do have shuttles checking the ocean for possible habitation by our species. Think of it as neighbors of the sort." Janjsa stated, "But we will assist with what we can if that helps any."

Kaelyth nodded silently to himself at Jenj's explanation. That made sense too. "That is reasonable. I will make a note to address this with them. Thank you, Ambassador," he said with the same warm, respectful tone he had used with them from the beginning. His eyes then turned to Akoni. "Do you have any further concerns to address, Mr. Kapulé?" he asked politely. He still had some that Janjsa might or might not be able to address, but he would allow the other man to finish before he continued his list.

Akoni shook his head, feeling he needed to talk to the Abrexi. "No," he answered politely and kept his disappointment hidden.

Kaelyth nodded to the other man. "Very well, then" his eyes moved back to Janjsa "if you have the time and inclination, Ambassador, I do have a few things on my list still that you may be able to help us with. If not, I understand. Do I have your permission to continue?"

"Please proceed, Mister Solmarr." the ambassador said calmly and politely.

Kaelyth nodded. "Thank you." He referred to his tablet once more then brought his eyes back to hers as he spoke. "Last night, we detected a ship which was cloaked near the planet. At the time, we determined that there were 173 people missing from our number as well as some pets." Obviously the important bit was the people, but Kaelyth was generally thorough. "We attempted to detect the wristbands that had been given to them, but had no sign. Is there anything that can be done to determine who the ship belonged to and what happened to our people?" It was not that he expected them to solve all of the colony's problems; but this one had been specifically slated to be discussed in this meeting.

"What is this cloak of which you speak. I do not have a definition and Jenj is unable to provide one." The ambassador said looking what could almost be described as confused. "As to the missing people and the wrist bands, the bands have a range of one standard unit. Beyond that there is no connection or at least any way to detect or control the wrist bands. They default to a blank standing and are rendered useless aside from the base level functions."

Kaelyth frowned, deciding to answer the confusion and then ask his own question of non-understanding. "A cloak is a device which renders a ship invisible to visual or sensory detection, both by physical senses or by sensors. They can be defeated if the sensors trying to detect them are designed for it or if the cloak in question is imperfect. In this case, the latter was how it was discovered," he explained. "Please forgive me, but how far is one standard unit?"

The Daaran ambassador nodded, "Ah a shroud. We do not incorporate that technology into our design. I do believe the Abrexi are capable of such, however. Jenj, do you have any information in regard to detecting a shroud?"

Jenj responded through the device, "This location is incapable of detecting such a feature. It is a primitive facility in regard to the sensor network. A more modern facility might have the equipment in orbit however Dava does not."

"One standard unit is about.." Janjsa punched in a few numbers into its wristband, "About one and a quarter light-years. If it entered the nebula nearby where this gateway is located, then it would also obscure the signal."

Inwardly, Kaelyth cursed fluently. Outwardly, his expression only registered a slight change, a frown sliding over his features. "Yes, a Shroud. My people call it DarkShield," he informed. As to the wristbands and the inability to detect the shrouded ship... "Thank you. I will pass that on." What else could he do at this point?

He consulted his tablet once more and noted that there was only one more item in his list of pre-prepared items. He looked up at the ambassador. "I have only one other item currently." The word currently was added to indicate that, if anything else arose, he would like to be able to bring it before either this being or the Abrexi or both. "That item is the Weather Control systems. However, am I correct in assuming" he did not like that word, but it was the most appropriate in this language "that this is something I must discuss with the Abrexi?"

The item brought up caused Akoni to straighten some in his seat. It was what had been on his list. He looked at the other two with heightened interest.

"We are familiar with the systems of the weather control station. However, we are still not aware at this time of what has caused the weather to stay in a loop for as many thousand and some cycles that it has been enduring. I am afraid that if we do not let the planet go back to a natural cycle by temporarily disabling the stations, that the planet might suffer more damage than it already has. As discussed, the vine plants should never have been that predatory on such a large scale. A side effect of the stations' frozen weather patterns."

Kaelyth frowned deeper. "But if we turn off the system, will that not cause great damage to the colony and potentially other life forms who may live elsewhere on the planet?" he asked, concern evident in his tones. He had done a marvelous job of showing only concern when fear was what was in his mind. Visions of Ellerrann VI flashed through his mind, and he forced them back into that black box in his mind.

Akoni nodded and then said, "It may be too late. Except for tectonic strains caused by its three moons, my home world of Risa was once a beautiful planet without the help of technology. But for it to become the paradise it is..." He paused, feeling the need to correct himself, considering what the Borg had done, "For it to become the paradise It was, those in charge installed a weather control network around the planet's orbit. Years later, they discovered the planet became too dependent on the technology, and without it, would never normalize again."

With a flick of a 'finger' the Daaran pulled up a view of the planet on a nearby wall. Shortly after the planet was shown, another screen popped up next to it showing seismic activity.

"This is the problem. When stuck for so long in one weather pattern for the whole of the planet, the tectonic plates across the planet have hot various stages of erosion. If we continue to allow the weather to be controlled, the erosion will continue causing massive tidal waves in various densities within the next thousand of years. This planet would then become unstable in every region. Part of the damage that has been seen inside the southern facility is due to this erosion. The repairs will be extensive to get it fully operational assuming we narrow down the cause of the former steady weather pattern. If you, and your people, plan to make a home here, we ask that you please consider the long-term view of this planet. If you are looking for more of this being a short term residency, then we will be making the decision for you based on the results of testing we are conducting to make this a home for our people."

Akoni listened intently to all of what Daaran had to say. He'd seen signs and understood it all. In return, he felt as if his words hadn't sunk in. And he didn't care for the undertones of what the ambassador had spoken in return. Regardless, he understood the passion. He was feeling it too, and with some frustration. "Considering the erosion, there is a risk of severe tectonic shifting without some type of control. But there may be a way to solve all of this if we compromise and work together."

"Do you have experts in the field here planet side or are they amongst those that wish to seize this planet for their own entryway into our section of the galaxy?" The Ambassador asked as it's second eye lid closed and then opened.

The Speaker in Kaelyth saw how this conversation could spiral out of control from this point forward, and he did not want that to happen. Therefore, he interjected himself with a reasonable tone. "Ambassador, we are indeed considering the long-term effects on this planet. That was the reason for my bringing up the stations. We had thought to repair them, but your words indicate that perhaps we should turn them off for some time. We do not wish to harm this world or its natural life. Nor do we wish to 'seize' it. Those of us here now do wish to live on it, however. We do hope that is not problematic for you?"

He was aware that the ambassador likely had not meant them but rather the GA when it referred to those who wanted to seize the planet. He was merely offering assurances that such attitudes were not driving those already here. "We would be very happy to work with you in figuring out what happened and how best to proceed forward."

At first, only staring in return, Akoni hadn't known what to say to the latter part of the Ambassador's question. Although he had plenty more to say, he had thought it best not to answer it as a whole and was relieved when the Governor responded.

Janjsa took a moment to listen and gave a long pause before answering. "While the Abrexi are kind to share their former world with you and your varying species, we Daarans are very cautious. After all, your varying species seem to be attempting to seize control of this planet by any means necessary. Our advisors are and will be taking a cautious approach. We do not trust so lightly as the Abrexi.

That being said, the Abrexi have asked us to examine the sea bed to see how long this planet has left in it life-wise. That is a good part of the reason we are here besides offering support to the Abrexi. We have no interest in taking part of your wars as they do not appeal to us." The long pause came again before Janjsa replied, "however we also do not need your species swarming this region of space. Your...Galactic Alliance appears to be a threat to our sector of space. We will guard it as such by defending ourselves if attacked."

Kaelyth listened carefully to the ambassador's concerns and paused himself as he considered his response. Cautious was not necessarily a bad thing, but he could see where others in his place might have been irritated by the ambassador's choice in words. Swarming? As though they were insects. Kaelyth, however, retreated from the emotional response and relied heavily on his Speaker training to help him here.

After that pause, Kaelyth nodded. "I do understand your position, Ambassador," he conceded, "but would you please clarify as to what has given you the impression that we are, as you said, 'trying to seize control of this planet by any means necessary'?" That wording was very forceful or implied that his people were such. Unless the Daarans had witnessed something else, something the GA had done that he was unaware of.

"Vice Admiral Cael Maz has shown us what the Galactic Alliance hopes to do. We have also heard of the coup that happened on this planet some months ago. Your Federation has once aspired for peace but the actions we have heard of show nothing of the sort. You can't even come together and unify long enough to prove to us that you are worth the time. Everything that has been shown to us proves you are still early in your development. The Daarans as a whole do not wish to participate in such a primitive government. This...Section Thirty One that we have been informed of is enough for us to deny access to our resources and space. Again, the ONLY reason we are here is for the Abrexi and to safeguard our space from the species of the Milky Way as you call it." Janjsa said blinking several times with their second eye lid.

Kaelyth stood silent as the ambassador spoke. He could not deny any of what it said, but he did wonder why in the Abyss the vice admiral would have told them things that would make them adversarial toward the colonists. He would need to speak to the man later. But now he had to figure out how to salvage this meeting. Was there even a way to do that with the ambassador in possession of such damning information?

Kaelyth sighed, eyes closing for a moment as he gathered his thoughts. After a moment, he opened them and locked them with those of the Daaran. "What you have said is true. For me to deny it, or even try, would be not only pointless but foolish. Therefore, I will not." He paused again. "However, I must point out," he hesitated, forcing himself not to reveal the admiral's origins in another universe, "the agenda of the GA is not the agenda of those here. We have formed a government for this colony alone. We have tried to repair what we can of the city -- it was in a bad state when we arrived, very little power, systems needing repair. And we have tried to maintain peace here. That coup you spoke of was instigated by hidden members of the GA. At the time we came here, we had no way to expect this action. But we have handled it with both efficiency and unity and have maintained that unity since. And we are now extremely watchful for any other such elements. This colony is not the GA, and we very respectfully ask that you view us based on our own merit, not on their actions."

There was a long silence as Janjsa looked at Kaelyth. Several times its eyes blinked during the examinations. After a while, it stood slowly and bowed softly, "'re worth the effort as the Abrexi have said. Time will tell, we suppose. Let it be known, the Daarans will assist...for now...the people of this colony. You betray this assistance and kindness we are showing, we will take matters into our own hands, regardless of the Abrexi wants and needs." It began to make its way toward the door, "Good day." it said before it left.

Kaelyth stood as the ambassador did, offering a slight bow in return. "Good day," he responded as it left the room. He then retook his seat, closing his eyes for a moment to gather himself. That could have gone a whole lot worse, he reflected, and it almost had. He was very relieved that his last tactic had worked. Gold-and-silver eyes opened and fixed on the man across from him. "Before I leave, is there anything you need of us?" he asked. By 'us', of course, he meant the governors. His voice was its normal, warm tone.

A small step forward. Akoni inwardly sighed, and then nodded, "Yes, Sir. I'd like permission to work with engineering on a larger replicator for the ocean facility."

Kaelyth took a moment to look at his tablet, making sure that there was no reason that he should not allow this. "I see no reason to deny the request," he told the scientist. "Can the engineer you have out there do this? Or do you need a consultation with Varra?" He was only marginally knowledgeable of Mr. Radner's abilities, and technically, both Radner and Varra were under Mesu Mehl's jurisdiction. But Akoni was under Kaelyth's. Still, Kaelyth did not see why he could not authorize at least the consultation.

"I'll need a consultation with Varra. Allen Radner is good, but this is outside his expertise." Akoni became quiet as his thoughts returned to what had transpired moments ago. "Sir, I am concerned about the probability of the Daaran inhabiting the ocean floor and what that could mean for our research."

Kaelyth listened, making a note on his tablet to set up a consultation with Varra for the man. Akoni's next words brought his gold-and-silver eyes up once more though and focused them on him. "Please elaborate?" he requested, his expression one of thoughtful attention and curiosity.

Akoni inwardly sighed, hating to say so. "Considering how they view us, they could end up finding it necessary to interfere."

Kaelyth frowned slightly in thought. The ambassador had alluded to that in a way, he admitted to himself. "I understand your concern," he conceded. "However, we cannot deny them this. This is, after all, the Abrexi's planet, and they seem inclined to allow it." His expression showed thought again. "The best we can do is try to respect each other's space." He knew that was not what the other man wanted to hear, but at this stage, it was all he could give. "If you do have a problem, contact me, and I will see what I can do."

"Yes, Sir," Akoni replied quietly within his thoughts. He was not surprised by the other man's response and smiled assuringly. "I do understand...and hopefully not, that there won't be any problems. And, when the time is right, I hope the Abrexi will visit the facility. A collaboration in what we do there would benefit us all."

Kaelyth was pleased that the man did not give him any resistance. Not that he had expected any; it was just nice to work with people who would work with him easily. "I agree... on both counts. Do you have any other questions or concerns?"

"Not at this time," Akoni replied. "But I do have some things to think over. May I get back to you?"

Kaelyth nodded, putting his tablet in his inner jacket pocket. "Of course. My door is always open, as the saying goes." Standing, he straightened his jacket. "Take the time you need," he added encouragingly. "Now, however, since you have no further need of me, I do have some other work to attend to. Good day," His tone was the usual warm, kind tone he seemed to always use. He waited only a few seconds to be certain that the other man did not think of something at the last minute, then turned and exited the conference room. There was still much to do before he could rest today.

Akoni had stood as well as the other man spoke, gave him a nod with a smile at what he said, and then watched him before exiting too.


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