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Thought I'd Have You

Posted on Sun Nov 13th, 2022 @ 9:49am by Civilian Nigi Latar & Defense Force Officer Jaime Mallory & Civilian Nelli G

Mission: Colony Life
Location: Civilian Loft/District 3 Marketplace
Timeline: 241401.20

{Blake, Blake, Blake, BLAKE, BLAKE, BLAKE,} was being reverberated within the self-taught empath. "Ugh, stop just stop," she groaned pushing her pillow against her ears. {BLAKE BLAKE BLAKE} it was shouted again, this shouting the whole time.

But then it was gone, silence, blissful silence. And, not just silence, but the ability to think of something besides that name.

"Fucking hell!" Nelli G groaned pushing the pillow down on her face, realizing she was not gonna be falling asleep again. She was wearing a simple cropped t-shirt, and light pink boy shorts, "glasses, where are my glasses," she muttered as she was kind of blind. "I need a drink," she groaned again as she finally found her glasses.

[Early Afternoon]

Wearing a fashionable pair of shorts, and an equally fashionable top Nelli G was window shopping, for the most part, while dealing with the subsequent headache from all the shouting in her head from the morning. "Oh, Nigi hello gorgeous!" Nelli G said with a big smile when she saw the gorgeous Orion.

Nigi was looking at a new dress design that the Abrexi had brought with them to the colony, even though the colors were essentially the same, the design was fresh and more current. She thought of Kelly when looking at it thinking she might like it. When she heard her name called she spun on her heels and looked at the person. "Well Nelli, you bout of hot stuff, how are you?" She asked making note of her collar in her mind, which reminded her of her suppressor for her pheromones. She unconsciously touched the back of her neck to make sure it was still there.

"Bit of a headache, but nothing that a good drink can't cure, or some retail shopping," she said with a small chuckle, "how are you?"

"Yeah, I heard about the Blake thing, poor Cormie." Nigi said with a frown, "Went to see him with Lucky yesterday and it did not go well. Had to call security. Something deeply wrong with him saw it in his eyes. Looked like red flames, it chilled me to the bone."

"Apologies, red-flame eyes, was this Cormie, or this Lucky fellow?" Nelli G asked, knowing that she needed to learn who the colony staff was.

"Yeah, Cormie had the flames in his eyes. I got Lucky out of there but I think she was traumatized. I haven't heard from or seen her all day." Nigi said with another frown.

"My apologies, for some reason I was thinking that Lucky was a man," Raviss said nodding for them to continue to walk allowing them to do some more window shopping, "also who is or was this Blake?"

"Think he is talking about Yani or her father. Or both for that matter. From the people I talked to it was very sad at some points but persistent." Nigi then laughed, "No Lucky is a she. Much to catch you up on."

"Marsten has been keeping me on a very short leash," Nelli said like it was a common thing, "he is a little loss at the moment, which is not a good thing for a man like him," she added.

"You know, I have not seen a lot of people around that were once here. I am beginning to wonder where they have gone." Nigi said now noticing she had not seen any of the Marines anywhere.

Near to them, a petite and pretty blonde woman, wearing a white tank top and purple flared pants, stood before another shop window. Displayed were crystals and gemstones and carved wood, and she was contemplating going inside. She slightly rubbed her forehead at a dim headache that had been much stronger earlier in the day.

"Oh, look at her, she is just stunning, who is that?" She asked of Nigi.

"No clue, should we go and introduce ourselves?" Nigi asked Nelli.

"Hello beautiful, Nelli G, a pleasure," she said holding out her hand out to the petite blond.

Nigi just shook her head with a bit of amusement. This was typical Nelli, flirting before getting a read on people. For all she knew, this could be a mass murder of sorts and she is allowing herself to be the next target. Instead, Nigi stood back to watch.

Jaime smiled, having sensed the other woman was there at her approach. She then turned and accepted the pro-offered hand. "Hi...Thank you for the compliment," she sweetly said while looking her over casually, noticing Nigi in the background. "And you're beautiful too, Nellie G. My name is Jaime." She looked over at Nigi and smiled again.

"Even more beautiful up close, so tell me, Jaime what do you do on the colony?"

Jaime looked amused, as what Nelli said to her could mean two different things. "I'm a fighter pilot. And a mechanic," she replied. "So, what do the two of you do?"

"This and that," Nelli said with a smirk, "I guess I am still trying to figure that out," Nelli said with a chuckle, "and well this place is as good as any to try and figure that out."

"Ahh, I see, at least I think I do," Jaime inwardly chuckled. So far, she liked Nelli. "And you?" she asked Nigi. "What is it you do?" She was feeling extra curious about the Orion woman, thinking things may not be easy for her there, while also very much aware of what she could be capable of doing.

"Oh, I run the Skyward Bar and Grill right up there," Nigi said pointing to the building across the street and at the roof.

"Do you two of time for a drink?" Nelli asked smiling, she loved day drinking, well she also enjoyed drinking in general, hell for a big portion of her adult life that was her job.

Jaime was pleased with Nigi's information and now considered the idea. "Uh... Yeah. I mean, why not?" she shrugged pleasantly. "It sounds like a fun way for us all to get to know each other."

"This way then," Nigi said as she just began to walk across the walking path to the next building that she had previously indicated.

Nelli held her arms out so the ladies could take them, "alright ladies, let's go drink," she said with a slight chuckle.

"Well, why not?" Jaime chuckled too, yet inwardly. The day had suddenly taken a turn from the one she had planned, but that was okay. She'd wanted to get to know more people, make new friends, and try and move on with her life after all the loss.


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