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Artificial Intelligence also have Feelings

Posted on Sat Jun 11th, 2022 @ 12:56pm by A.I. Jessica A.I. & Medical Patricia Tanis
Edited on on Sat Jun 11th, 2022 @ 12:57pm

Mission: Colony Life
Location: Med Bay - NX New Destiny
Timeline: 241401.20

Technically Tanis was off-duty or should, be but here she was taking inventory. It was simple tasks like these that Tanis found enjoyable, it gave her time to think, and gather themselves.

"...running low on Triptacederine, Bicaridine, and Anesthizine," Tanis muttered as she realized those were not the easiest things to procure, and/or make, "Jessica, how much of Anesthizine and Triptacederine can we make here on New Destiny?"

"Enough for several people. It is replicated on an as-needed basis these days to prevent waste of space and expiration." Jessica said as she sat in a chair rather slouched over. "Does not help that I was in standby mode for nearly a quarter of a year. Everyone except for my sweetheart and father came to visit."

Tanis jumped, "damn it, Jessica," she said chuckling as she was still getting used to the AI just appearing, "right, but are we good on the resources we need to produce those meds?"

"For sure. Everything was hardly used when I was drained of power. Total online time from Eden to here was about two weeks total. Not much time to be used so to speak." Jessica said looking at her boots and shaking them back and forth on the floor.

“Everything alright?” Tanks asked, knowing that the New Destiny had a small crew, and with her training, she was able to also act as a counselor’s aide, now she had never had one with an AI before, but either way, this particular AI was far more advanced and fully integrated with the ship that why couldn’t need a good talk-session.

"I have been on this planet for most of my life, mind you stand-by mode. My whole purpose is to fly and maintain myself. I am bored." Jessica said blowing air through her cheeks and making random noises with it.

“Right, a bored AI, err sorry that was rude,” Tanis said shaking her head, “…so is there anything you would like to do, something that’ll not make you bored?”

Jessica stopped shaking her foot when she detected the disbelief, "Just because I am an A.I. does not mean I do not have feelings, wants, and desires. What I want is currently being discussed at the meeting. I have to wait it out."

“I am sorry, I didn’t mean to offend, so is it freedom that you are looking for?”

"Yeah, I suppose that's what you could call it. For me, it's getting out of myself or even into space again. One way or another I need to stretch these." Jessica said pointing to her legs.

“I know the feeling, have the governors not figured out how to allow you to wander the colony, I mean are you just connected with the ship?”

"The only way I can operate outside of myself is by use of a remote drone as long as I am landed. It is being discussed today at the meeting with the Abrexi and Daarans. So I have to sit and wait." Jessica started blowing a strand of hair from her face.

“Okay, so is there anything you would like to do now, I mean I am here so I can help take your mind off of the waiting and the wondering which way it might go?” Tanis offered with a soft smile.

"I guess we can continue the list. I would rather have everyone survive the next encounter rather than die. Looks bad on me for letting that happen." Jessica said going back to rocking her foot. She pulled up a list, "Here is what we do need but Jenj is not sure that we have the supplies here on Dava. But then again, exploration outside the dome is much harder."

"You know you can't control that, right?" Tanis asked hoping she did, "I mean if something is going to happen it is going to happen, yes?"

"My father built me to protect those lives in the colony. I intend to do as I was built for, should the need arise. What is in my control now is my body, with littler needs than before. I could run without a crew if necessary but frankly, I do love the company." Jessica explained.

Tanis chuckled, "you are right, you were created to protect, which is honorable, but things don't always go like that, you are going to lose people no matter what you do, does that makes sense as well," Tanis asked, curious of what would happen if she wasn't able to save everyone, even with her best efforts.

"Only thing I know right now is Cael is out in a coma, I can't help him or DO anything to assist him. My sweetie's chance of coming out of it is noted as slim without assistance. That bothers me. The fact that the coup happened while I was out, bothers me. There is a lot on my mind in the sense of being protective. Enough life has been lost on our side. I don't want to see any more."

"Well, let's do something to take your mind off of it, not to forget or replace, just to help keep you sane," Tanis said giving her a soft smile, and gently touching her shoulder.

A few seconds later, the wrist band on Tanis went off displaying a message: Governor Cael Maz is undergoing a consciousness transfer. Your assistance could be of use."

"Apologies Jessica, but I have been summoned, but please consider finding an activity that'll take your mind off of things, and I promise everyone here is doing everything they can to make this place safe for all, and also to save Cael," Tanis said giving her another soft smile and nod.

Jessica nodded, "Treat him well. Let me know the results." she said before going back to looking over the data from the previous day trying to formulate an idea how to safeguard the colony further.


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