Separation Anxiety

Posted on Sat Jan 14th, 2023 @ 10:58am by Vice Admiral Cael Maz & A.I. Jenj AI & Governor Cael Maz & Close Ally Zenasha & Governor Mesu Mehl & Medical Patricia Tanis & Medical Devaen Torr & Defense Force Officer Arlaena Torr & Civilian Jaxon Dominie

Mission: Colony Life
Location: Clone Lab - Hospitol - District 2
Timeline: 241401.20

At 13:40 hrs.

As the Jenj drones moved the table that contained Cael Maz into place, the computer systems in the formerly dormant facility started to come alive. Against the wall stood two different Abrexi women floating in what one would call glass-like tubes. As the power reached their tubes, diagnostics systems that had been running in the background came to life on readouts. Both Abrexi women were healthy, stable, and blank mental states ready for consciousness transfer.

As both Zenasha and Zenshara arrived, they moved to two separate stations in the room and began to correlate the data. They remained silent as they worked.

Vice Admiral Cael moved off to the side watching both the Abrexi work. Every now and again he would look at the glass to notice the two differences in the clones. One he understood was your average everyday Abrexi while the other was more meant for the ambassador class of Abrexi.

Devaen had not used this particular lab since arriving here, so he stayed out of the way of the two Abrexi women as they worked. He did hover close enough to watch what they did in case he had to reproduce it at some later date. The readings from Cael's bed were being forwarded to the tablet in his hands so that he could easily monitor them. So far, so good.

Arlaena really had no business being here in the sense that she was not medical personnel, but just try to make her leave! She was not going to leave Cael's side no matter what. Oh, she stayed out of the way of those working to save him and Maz, but she would not go any farther away than was necessary. She was worried, and that could easily be seen in the look in her eyes, the stance in which she stood, the way her ears swiveled constantly to take in everything happening here. The only thing that did not give away this state of mind was her tail which was tightly curled around her waist where it could not accidentally thump against anything and do any harm.

A trill woman entered the room and studied the Abrexi woman. "I got the message, what do you need from me?" She asked as her hazel eyes held a strong sense of anxiety in them. She glanced toward the two female bodies. "Are we transferring them?" She asked with worry in her tone.

She was followed by a quiet Andorian woman, "I am here at the request of Governor Mehl, my name is Pymia." She stated in a small but professional voice to Devaen. "I am a nurse, I will wait here on stand-by if you need me." She stated with a small smile to him and stood next to the doorway in what looked like surgical gear with her hands tucked behind her back.

Devaen smiled at the small Andorian. "I wish we could have met under better circumstances, Pymia," he said in return, still watching the readings and the Abrexi woman. "I'm not sure if we will need you yet, but thank you."

Tanis got the message on her wristband, "interesting," she said as she got her bag ready and headed for the lab, "Nurse Partrica Tanis, I was summoned by the vice-admiral, oh and you can call me Tanis," she added.

Devaen diverted his gaze from the work for the briefest of moments then returned it to his tablet and the readings scrolling across it. "Hello, Tanis. I'm Devaen Torr, the Chief Medical Officer. I'm not sure yet what any of us can do. This equipment is unfamiliar. But rest assured, if I need you, I will let you know," he said with a smile.

As she was speaking, a tall blonde Trill man arrived, feeling both concerned and intrigued by what was happening. "I'm Jaxon Dominie," he said to the entire room. "I heard the request to come here, too. So how can I help?"

Zenasha turned and began to explain, "We will be doing the following: Downloading both consciousnesses separately into our database. From there we will send one to one clone and another to another close. The body will then be dissected to get the material needed to clone both bodies so that they might return to them in several months' time. We do need assistance from his species and his symbiont species to identify brain wave patterns so that we do not merge the two as that would be very problematic."

"How shall I assist?" Tanis asked seeing that she was neither Trill nor an expert with the Symbiot, but she was a damn good nurse.

Devaen listened carefully. "It seems to me that the first part of this would rest entirely with you," he said to the Abrexi woman, "as you know these systems the best." His expression became concerned then as he continued. "After the transfer is complete, then we can assist you more." His eyes flicked around him, touching each of the Trill before he spoke again. "We will need all of you as experts," he admitted. "I know Trill anatomy as well as any Starfleet doctor, but I am not a Specialist in Trill." He then glanced to the other medical staff present. "Pymia and Tanis, you will be assisting me at that point."

As Zenasha described what they were going to do, Arlaena felt tense, and her tail wanted to flick agitatedly. It all sounded so sshrralling risky now that it was laid out so clearly. Her eyes flicked between her brother and Zenasha, deep concern etched into her features, whiskers flared, ears forward to listen to every tiny sound. The truth of the matter was that, now that they were here and she knew how this was going to work, she was plain scared.

As for Jaxon, he was trying to wrap his mind around what Devaen said. Could they possibly clone a natural symbiotic relationship such as the Trill? His hands akin to his hips, he voiced how he was feeling out loud, shaking his head, "This is... This whole thing is unreal."

The Abrexi women wasted no time in getting to work as they began to use the wristband and level four access to upload the consciousness of both Cael and Maz into the database which was reserved for minds normally that of the Abrexi. Fortunately, it did have the capacity for those who have experienced long lives so it could easily handle Cael and Maz's lifetimes. "We are currently holding at 723.912 gigabyte per second download. Current conscious downloaded at 2 exabyte and climbing." Jenj stated out loud from the room's speaker.

"Please keep an eye on his health. We are unfamiliar with your species and do not know how this will affect the shell they reside in nor how long this will take."Zenshara said calmly.

"Can you estimate?" Jaxon responded, more intensely than he intended and still uncertain of how he felt about the whole thing. "It's only a matter of hours before each one dies."

"I am over two thousand three hundred cycles old. My upload takes an average of three standards of this planet's hours. He is an unknown species to this system and this is the first attempt at this for a new species for the entire system. Even with the firmware package update to the systems, we do not know you that well. If he is anything like us, most likely be a shorter stint of time." Zensasha noted not turning from the screen.

Pymia nodded to Devean with a small smile "We'll be ready, Doctor." She stated confidently. She had very little experience with the Abrexi technology, but she knew enough medical to help as needed.

Mesu Mehl listened carefully to each person. "He's right." She said, nodding to Jaxon. "It will be very difficult. However. I think, perhaps timing might be on our side, if worked out correctly. Each of us knows that a bonded Trill will die quite quickly after their symbiont is removed. A Symbiont cannot live much longer, but they are by chance, able to live removal for longer. Maz in this case, is older than Cael. They have lived many lifetimes, so the download of Cael's mind might go faster. If that is the case, then we might still be spared the time to keep Maz going." She turned her to the Abrexi that explained the process of cloning. "Our brain waves. How do you wish to measure them? We have very little time so having a male and female counterpart is another stroke of luck. We should get moving though."

Zenasha pulled up the current progress to the left and current brain waves to the right of the large screen in the room. "To the left is the current progress of the download. As you can see it appears it is almost done. To the right we have the brainwaves as they live inside the server. They are very much active and self-aware based on the looks of it. The final sections of the download are emotions. If you would like to speak to them you can. It might help separate whos who."

Devaen nodded to each as they spoke, watching the readings of the combined pair carefully as their consciousnesses were uploaded to the Abrexi database. This whole thing fascinated him, but now was not the time to satiate his feline curiosity, so he kept himself focused on the task at hand, pushing his own curiosity into the back of his head but knowing he would ask questions later.

Arlaena moved just slightly forward. Her eyes fixed on Zenasha. "Do I need to direct my voice to somewhere specific to make sure they hear me? Or can they hear me now?" she asked, the worry she felt for her mate and his symbiont evident in her tones though she was trying to keep it from showing.

Tanis just listened. It was a lot, and yes she was intimidated, but then again this was where Tanis thrived. And, now it was just waiting for orders and assisting where she could, and where they needed help.

Jaxon didn't know Cael Maz, but Domine knew Maz and wanted to speak with him, hoping this entire ordeal wouldn't change the essence of who and what Maz was. He had become quiet and watched as he waited his turn.

"Where am I? What happened? Where is everyone?" said a strange set of voices through a speaker in the room.

Tanis jumped a little not expecting, well she wasn't sure what to expect from any of this. As she was witnessing a transfer of conscience from one body to another.

Arlaena moved, unaware that she had done so, toward the speaker. "It's all right, Love," she said with as much calm and surety as she could muster. "I'm here with you." But how much should she say about the answers to the questions before that? And how would she explain them? She wished that she could hold her mate, let him feel the realness of her words that she was here with him.

Devaen spoke up, his voice the consummate healer. "Cael, Maz, please be calm. I know it's confusing and strange, but I will try to explain it." He looked over at the two Abrexi women. His voice lowered to a whisper as he moved closer to them. "Is there a risk at this point of damage if I explain to them what is happening?"

Arlaena was a bit ahead of her brother though. "You two remember the rescue, right?"

"The damage is already done to the bodies. At this point it's safe for the mind. The transfer has finished. Now begins the process of sorting out each mind separately. This is where I need the help of all those in attendance." Zenasha said turning to the group, "Both minds are in the same area of the server. We need to separate them into two sections so that the memories, thoughts, and personalities of each are preserved. As each of you speaks to them, we will keep an eye on the memories as well as which one is speaking at any given point. Once we have identified the voice of Cael over Maz, then we should be able to separate them. You may now proceed."

"I remember going to it. Where is everyone, I can't see." spoke both voices from the speakers.

Devaen nodded at Zenasha. "Good." Having seen where his sister was going with this and knowing that because of their bond, she might have a better effect on Cael, he nodded to her to continue.

Arlaena took another involuntary step forward. "You did, my Love," she began. "But you were injured. I know you can't remember that. It's okay. You're in the hospital." This was all heartbreaking, and she wanted to fix it all somehow. But she couldn't. She looked to the other Trill in the room, her expression a plea for them to help her mate.

Jaxon was frowning when her eyes landed on his, and he nodded to her. He would try his best to get a response from Maz. It had been a long time, years, but they had a type of friendship once that, at the least, had a personal impact on him.

"Hey Maz," he spoke, "it's me, Dominie. You know, it's been long since we last talked, not since Mak'ala. I came all this way to see you, but things have been a little crazy; you've been very busy, such as commanding a ship, or so I've been told."

"Oh hey, Dominie. When did you get here? How long have we been out?" said part in a more feminine voice.

Although the question was concerning, Jaxon's smile widened at the voice. And at the memories. He was about to answer Maz's question when interrupted.

On the monitors, it registered a series of blips that indicated that the person talking was separate from the main consciousness. The Abrexi were quick at making notes before speaking, "You will need to get a DNA sample from the host and then open him up to get the DNA from the symbiont."

He turned to face them with an expression that said, "What the fuck?!" and then said out loud to them, "Can they get up to speed first before you go saying something like that, right in front of them?"

"What do they mean get me out of him?" The feminine voice said. "What happened to Cael?" she asked sounding more worried.

"Did I die? If that's true then where the hell am I?" the male voice spoke.

Cael Maz, the Vice Admiral one, just leaned against the wall chuckling as he found all this a bit hilarious. There was another version of himself, dead for lack of a better term, and Maz's grand-daughter stuck somewhere inside of him, also dead. He just covered his mouth as he snickered at the whole thing.

Arlaena winced. "No, Love, you aren't dead," she assured gently. "You were injured and in a coma. They're... they're transferring you and Maz into bodies. It was the option with the least risk of losing both of you." She was worried, wished there had been a better option, but there hadn't been.

Devaen frowned at the vice admiral for his snickering. This was not a humorous situation; it was extremely serious. He considered asking the man to leave if all he was going to contribute to the situation was laughter, but he couldn't do that. After all, who would be more familiar with the identity of Cael Maz than his alternate. But that didn't mean the physician had to like the fact that the admiral seemed to think this was funny.

Jaxon placed a hand over his mouth and closed his eyes as he lowered his head. He failed to get the humor the other Cael Maz seemed to be feeling, and it took everything within him not to lose it.

Devaen looked to Zenasha. "At your signal, we will begin gathering the DNA samples," he told her.

"The bodies have expired. Take plenty of samples before they are disposed of." Zenasha said without batting an eye. For them, the body was just a case that hauled around their minds and experiences. While it should be protected, it should not be mourned. That experience had left them several thousand years ago.

"Who is transferring me? What bodies? Where are we now?" The male voice spoke mixed with the female again.

"You both have been..." Jaxon swallowed hard before continuing sadly, "downloaded into a database."

Arlaena took up the narrative, her tone meant to be reassuring. "It's all right," she said gently. "There is an Abrexi doctor here who is helping Devaen. She has transferred both you and Maz into the computer in the Cloning Lab." She wasn't entirely sure how to answer the question of what bodies, so she looked at the Abrexi for that one.

Meanwhile, Devaen had motioned to the other healers in the room to attend. He then moved to where Cael Maz's body lay on the bed and began to take the requested samples with the help of his staff.

With his hands akin to his hips, Jaxon stared at the deceased bodies in silence, with mixed feelings, no longer knowing what to say to any of this. At least for the moment.