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The World Collapsed with Emotions

Posted on Thu Jun 23rd, 2022 @ 2:22pm by Governor Cael Maz & Science Mnheia "Heia" Dorek'a-Tymes

Mission: Colony Life
Location: Hydroponics #1
Timeline: 241401.19

Heia was working hard with the Hydroponics bay. The pain of the break up was starting to get to her. She was throwing herself into her job. Even her night with Cydwenn Sov, hurt her more. She felt so guilty, even though they had broken up, because she still had strong feelings for Cael and Arlaena.

She still was reviewing some of the data that was coming in, but then Heia realized that she couldn't read it a she had started to cry. She kept trying to stop, but she just sat upon the floor, and started to just lose it. She started to cry much harder.

Heia's heart was heavy and broken. It also hurt that she couldn't return home to see her Husband and daughters. This only made her cry even harder as she curled her arms around her knees and cried into them. She was so glad that she was alone at this time of day.


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