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Garden Life

Posted on Sat Jun 25th, 2022 @ 9:31am by Governor Mesu Mehl

Mission: Colony Life
Location: Marine Barracks
Timeline: 241401.19

Mesu headed out of her apartment and began to slowly head towards the district of the marines. She had a few ideas of a possible garden to set up for the refugees that had taken shelter there and wanted to discuss it with Heia. With all the coms and different systems down, Mesu had to ask her assistant to go fetch Heia in person and ask her to meet Mesu this morning at the Marine compound. As she hiked over through the woods she hoped that Heia could help her out with what would be best to set up for the child refugees.

Heia had arrived early at the Marine Compound. The park that was nearby was on her to-do-list. But she was taken back by the children refuges that where there. She was having fun showing several of the young girls how to weave flowers into crowns, and watched how the boys where using sticks as swords or as phasers.

Mesu arrived at the compound within an hour, as tired and painful as her leg was, it felt great to get out and explore the world. She smiled at the sight of Heia watching over the refugees. "I think its wonderful what they have done here." She said with a small smile before sitting down next to Heia. "I have drawn up plans for gardens to help them, but I wanted to see what you though to it first."

"Sure, I'll look over the plans." Heia said placing a crown of flowers on one of the girls. "You know I have been busy, getting the various parks back on their feet."

Mesu nodded and handed the blueprints over to Heia. "I was more wondering what your thoughts were on plantlife. You have been the one overseeing the growth of various specimens and crops. I wanted your thoughts on what you thought would be best for the refugees to have access too, and what specimens do you feel would be safe for the children."

"Nothing toxic." Heia said taking the plans. She started to review them. "I would suggest a garden. That would give the children fresh veggies when they are large enough. Also it would get them doing something productive for the colony and help with the expenses of the orphanage."

Mesu frowned a little. "I like your suggestion, but I was also hoping for something more than just that though. There are many plots around, theres plenty for veggies and some more. I want it to be pleasant in sights and in usage."

"I figured that too." Heia said watched several of the kids running around. This made her sigh and look back at the plans, a bit more depressed then she would like. "Besides there are a lot of flowering plants that are beautiful to look at and non-toxic."

Mesu smiled. "I appreciate you taking the time to do this. These families could really benefit from all of this." She smiled and placed the blue prints away. "I know sometimes doing a job is tough, but I enjoy working with you on this." Mesu looked towards the building as she stood up again. "I really hate to cut this short, but there is another place I need to head to now. I just wanted to get your opinion on everything." She looked back towards Heia, "Thank you for that."

"No problem, Mesu." Heia said. "Just let me know when you want to start."

"Of course! In fact I will send you a copy of the blue prints in a few days and we can go from there." Mesu said as she waved over at the woman. "See you later!"


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